Capital Works Program

11th August 2013

The City of Joondalup maintains a Capital Works program which provides detailed information regarding projects plannned for the next five years in a number of areas including parks equipment and maintenance, streetscaping, traffic management and building construction.

In what is a unique arrangement the city consuslts closely with local residents associations, inlcuding the Iluka Homeowners Association, for inclusion of projects in the 5 year plan and upcoming budget. The IHOA committee consolidates suggestions throughout the year and prepares a formal submission to the city which is presented during February of each year.

Residents may be aware that the 2013/2014 has recently been released, significantly for Iluka the budget includes the following items:

  • Iluka Sports Club air conditioning replacement
  • Landscape & irrigation upgrades
  • Open space sports light upgrade
  • Installation of new drinking fountain in Sir James McCusker park
  • Shenton Avenue landscaping

Additional items presented to council by the committee, which have not been inckuded in the current financial years budget,have been included in the 5 year plan. We are in the early stages of preparing our submission for the next financila year and we would be interested to hear from any residents who may have suggestions for capital works to be included in the submission. If oyu have any suggestions, please forward then to the committee either by email or present your suggestion in person at one of our regular monthly meetings.

The complete 5 year Capital Works Program can be found at the City of Joondalup website.