Specified Area Rate (SAR)

Maintenance in Iluka is carried out to a higher standard to that of other suburbs within the City, this is funded through an additional levy, the Specified Area Rate or (SAR) which appears as a separate line item on the rates statement for all Iluka residents.

Maintenance is carried out by private contractors who report directly to the City of Joondalup under the terms of the maintenance contract. A Service Level Agreement is in place between The Iluka Home Owners Association and the City of Joondalup which ensures that maintenance is carried out to the agreed standard and provides the maintenance sub-committee of the Association direct input into maintenance operations.

Iluka Service Level Agreement 2019-2022

How the rate is set

The annual maintenance budget is agreed upon between the City of Joondalup and the Association based on the budgeted expenditure for both ongoing maintenance and replanting which mast take place from time to time, particularly in the older areas of Iluka. The individual SAR contributions are arrived at based upon the rated value of each property.

How the SAR funds are spent

SAR funds can only be spent within designated areas which include the entry approaches into Iluka, roundabouts, traffic islands and public verges (i.e.: those which do not front private properties. The SAR also funds mowing and weed treatments which are carried out on a more frequent schedule than what would otherwise be the case.

Not all of Iluka is covered by the SAR. Maintenance is initially the responsibility of the developer (Satterleys) for a designated period of time, typically 3 to 5 years, after which an area is handed over to the City of Joondalup and then falls within the SAR.

Special projects funded from the SAR, including the redevelopment of Discovery Park and Burns Beach verges, are periodically reported on the maintenance projects page.

Maintenance Issues

As you are paying additional contributions for the enhanced level of maintenance then it is reasonable that you should expect that your money is being spent effectively. If you notice a maintenance issue, whether it is maintenance that has not been carried out satisfactorily or requires urgent attention, you are able to report it directly to the City of Joondalup through the online Customer Request System (CRM).

We would encourage all residents to make use of this facility. The committee regularly meets with CoJ Maintenance representatives to review the maintenance being carried out.

Click Here to go directly to the CRM system.

2020-2021 Specified Area Rating (SAR) Service Review

18th February 2020.
The City and the Iluka Homeowners Association Inc (IHOA) have evaluated the services and associated costs in managing the Specified Area Rate (SAR) landscapes within the suburb to an agreed enhanced level 2020-21.

SAR Service Review 2020-2021

2019-2020 Specified Area Rating (SAR) Service Review

1st April 2019.
The City and the Iluka Homeowners Association Inc (IHOA) have evaluated the services and associated costs in managing the Specified Area Rate (SAR) landscapes within the suburb to an agreed enhanced level and cost for 2019-20.

SAR Service Review 2019-2020

The review including landscape upgrade projects was presented and approved at the recent IHOA Annual General Meeting. The landscape upgrades included the following:

  • Marmion Avenue verge and underpass as part of a masterplan approach: $16,000
  • Sir James McCusker Park, located near the amphitheatre: $16,000
  • Sir James McCusker Park, near the main car park: $50,000
  • Re-mulching Naturaliste Boulevard verge, previously upgraded in 2011: $15,000
  • Re-mulching Burns Beach Road verges: $15,000
  • Re-mulching Sir James McCusker Park internal paths: $13,500

The upgrades are consistent with the management approach undertaken within all the SAR estates which is to provide:

  • improved safety through increased visibility and clearance in parkland, footpaths and entrances
  • reduced potential fire risk due to deadwood and debris in garden beds
  • enhanced aesthetics of the estate
  • improved health of the existing native flora by removing inappropriate species
  • aid water retention, suppress weed growth and emphasise the existing native trees through the application of mulch

The following documents are a landscape architect's impression of the before and after view of some of the proposed works at Sir James McCusker Park

Sir James McCusker Park view 1

Sir James McCusker Park view 2

The three-year rolling turf renovation program has $23,700 allocated for 2019-20 an increase from $15,000 in 2018-19 and relate to different turf locations of an increased size.

The additional areas added to the SAR are irrigated landscape areas in Sir James McCusker Park that formed part of the original landscape development but were abutting natural areas and not originally part of the SAR. These areas have subsequently deteriorated over the years and are impacting on the presentation of the park and require upgrading.