Apart from the regular on-going maintenance, we do also undertake major project work in conjunction with the City of Joondalup and Contractors in order to significantly enhance designated areas of the suburb where it is felt that the original landscaping no longer meets our expactations or simply requires a make-over.

These projects are undertaken using reserve funds collected through the Specified Area Rate which may be surplus to maintenance funding or specifically collected for this purpose. Funding is also obtained through the City of Joondalup either through the Capital Works programme or the maintenance budget.

Landscape Upgrade. Sir James McCusker Park

August 2019

As part of ongoing upgrades in Iluka SAR the City and the Iluka Homeowners Association evaluated the services and associated costs in managing the Specified Area Rate (SAR) landscapes within the suburb to an agreed enhanced level and cost.

The 2019-20 evaluation resulted in numerous projects approved including upgrading the landscapes in Sir James McCusker Park located near the amphitheatre and near the main car park off Silver Sands Drive

Park Landscape Upgrade

Lighting Upgrade. Sir James McCusker Park

November 2018

The City of Joondalup has advised us that the existing poles and luminaires in Sir James McCusker Park will be replaced with aluminium poles and energy efficient LED lights. The works are anticipated to start in February and be completed by the end of June.

There will also be additional lighting installed along the footpath running through the fenced bushland area and also along the footpath running south from the amphitheatre to Moonflight Crescent and east to the bridge. A larger floodlight will be installed near the playground.

Park Lighting Details

Update from City of Joondalup

March 2016

Despite a long hot summer the City are pleased with the overall presentation of the landscaped garden beds and turf within the Iluka SAR.

Ongoing management practices undertaken to the turf such as fertilising and the application of wetting agents are continuing to assist with improving the quality and presentation of the grassed areas. Increasing the health and strength of the turf also assists with reducing broad leaf weeds such as Clover, when winter arrives.

Numerous landscapes have been upgraded throughout the estate during the last 12 months. These upgrades have been based on the Five Year Landscaping Upgrade Program priorities, which is negotiated and approved by the Iluka Homeowners Association Committee. It is anticipated that landscape improvements will continue throughout the SAR areas during 2016/17.

Should residents identify any maintenance concerns throughout the suburb please ensure that these are referred to the City for action.

Burns Beach Road Southern Verge

October-November 2012

The object of this project was to improve what was considered to be a neglected part of the verges in a highly visible location alongside a main thoroughfare on the borders of the suburb.

Burns Beach Verge Project Burns Beach Verge Project

More details are available in the following document.

Burns Beach Road Project Summary

Discovery Park Project

January 2012

With the addition of Discovery Park to the SAR areas in 2011, a capital works project was undertaken to enhance the landscaping within the park. Again, thanks to the CoJ Projects Technical Officer and contractors who executed the work. More details are available in the following document.

Discovery Park Project Summary

Naturaliste Boulevard Enhancement Project

March 2011

Throughout April 2011 a major capital works project was undertaken to enhance the landscaping along Naturaliste Park in order to remove overgrown plants and improve the aesthetics of this major thoroughfare into Iluka. We are sure residents will agree that the results are outstanding and the IHOA Committee would like to extend our gratitude to the CoJ Projects Technical Officer and contractors who planned and executed the work. More details are available in the following document.

Naturaliste Project Summary