Sir James McCusker Park Lake - Water Quality Management

25th September 2015

During the previous summer there were issues identified concerning the water quality at Sir James McCusker Lake which unfortunately contributed to bird deaths due to Avian Botulism. The City carried out an investigation of the potential issues concerning the water quality and the ongoing management of the lake at Sir James McCusker Park.

It was identified that multiple issues were potentially contributing to the water quality experienced last summer. This included the warm conditions experienced during summer and the artificiality inflated bird population due to residents feeding the birds.

It is the City's intention to commence implementation of works to assist with improving the general water quality and presentation of the lake system in Sir James McCusker Park. The works are to include the following:

  • The removal of identified vegetation that includes, trees, shrubs and grasses to improve water flow within the lake system
  • The testing of bore water for ongoing water quality evaluations
  • The installation of modified signage with the intension of enforcing the existing local laws regarding interfering with wildlife and feeding the birds
  • Flyers will be handed out by City rangers during the first couple of months to educate residents of the City's position regarding feeding the birds. These flyers will also be on display at the City of Joondalup Library, the Whitfords Customer Service Centre and the Administration Building, Boas Avenue

It is intended that the combination of physical measures and education will assist with improving the presentation of the lake and the water quality within the lake system.

Further testing and an external peer review of the draft Wetland Management Plan will be undertaken to determine ongoing and longer term management strategies and actions. This will include decisions regarding the management of the fish throughout the lake system.