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The Community Noticeboard is an open forum where Iluka residents may post details of upcoming events or discuss topics of interest. If you have an issue which you feel requires specific attention then you may also contact the committee directly or attend one of the regular monthly meetings.

Newsletter 22nd March 2020   

Over the coming week or so the latest edition of the Iluka Homeowners' newsletter will be delivered to your letterboxes. Please look out for it as it contains a Special Notice to all Iluka residents and some information about our local Neighbourhood watch.

IHOA Committee

Vale Ian McLennan 17th March 2020   

It is with great sadness that we learn that Ian McLennan passed away on 17th March following a brave battle with illness. Ian was a long-standing Chairperson and committee member of the Iluka Homeowners Association. Always cheerful and willing to put in his time and effort to ensure that the IHOA was an Association to be proud of. His knowledge and advice will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

IHOA Committee

Garden Competition 18th February 2020   

The Iluka Homeowners Association will soon be selecting the winners of the next garden competition. If you would like to nominate a garden, please email the committee on and we will add the address to the list. All nominations need to be in to us by 8th March and judging will take place during March and April.

The 5 winning gardens will receive a $100 gift voucher.

IHOA Committee

Proposed Optus Cell Towers 17th October 2019   

The Homeowners Association has been approached by a number of residents voicing their concern over the proposed Optus Cell Towers to be installed throughout Iluka. Please see the presentation supplied to us by a resident.

To voice your opinion, it is recommended that residents direct their objections to Optus as part of the consultation process and Kordia who are the consultants, email In addition, given this infrastructure is regulated at the Federal level, it would also be useful if residents also directed concerns to the Federal Department of Communications and the Arts, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, as well as their Federal Member of Parliament.

Consultation on this closes on 25th October 2019

IHOA Committee

Original Covenant 1st August 2019   

I purchased my property in Iluka in 2001 and signed the forms regarding the covenant (leaving camper trailers/caravans) on front). I have just received a notice that I have apparently breached the rules by parking my camper trailer on my property. My understanding is that the original covenant that I had expired in 2011 and that after that it was no longer applicable. As I have not signed any new agreement I would like clarification


Hi Chris, There was a Special General Meeting held by the association in 2007 where amongst other things it was agreed by those in attendance that the covenants would remain in force beyond any individual expiry dates.

Simon  14th August 2019
Covenants 1st August 2019   

As a buyer of a property in 2001 I was requested to sign a form regarding covenants which were to expire 10 years hence ( 2011. I bought my property with the intention of retiring ( which I did in 2017) and spending time camping etc. I have just been informed that I am apparently breaching some rule about not parking my camper trailer on my property. It appears as if the association automatically ? renewed the original covenant which I have not been a signatory to. I would request any feedback form other residents regarding this issue and I hope the association sees fit to publish this in their newsletter


NBN 26th July 2019   

Please could the Iluka Residents Association confirm if they are doing anything about updating the copper cable through the network?

I have left it until the last minute to update to NBN, my final date was 9 August 2019, and yesterday the system was converted with my provider telling me the MAXIMUM speed I could reach was 15 Mbps. My package is for Plus Speed (typical evening speeds of 45.3 Mbps) and I had no issues with the old broadband. Now even video calls are going to be affected because the Iluka network wont be able to provide enough speed.

When I first purchased the land back in 2000 we were assured the underground cabling system was the best way forward for services. We were even told we would eventually get Foxtel through the cable this obviously never happened THANKFULLY, but we are now left with an inferior service of old copper cables for our phone support. What is being done?


Water pressure 16th July 2019   

Hi just wondering if anyone has any problems with water pressure lately It seems that water from the shower heads is not as strong as it was.

Is it our system (our house) or are others of the same opinion ?

Look forward to some feedback on this


Iluka Best Garden competition 9th July 2019   

The Iluka Best Garden competition will be held in August with judging taking place from 15th and the winners announced in our October Newsletter. If you would like to nominate your or anyone else's garden for consideration please email the committee on with the property address. The winners will receive a $100 voucher.

IHOA Committee

City of Joondalup Hazard Reduction Grass Tree Burning Program 21st May 2019   

The City of Joondalup undertakes a number of ongoing bushfire management activities within its bushland areas in order to mitigate the risk of fire occurrences that could result in damage to life, property and the environment.

The introduction of hazard reduction Grass Tree burning within applicable reserves/bushland areas has been recommended as a bushfire mitigation strategy by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) to reduce bushfire risk in applicable areas.

Hazard reduction Grass Tree burning will be undertaken in appropriate weather conditions so that the fire burns slowly at low intensity. The burn will target small patches of Grass Trees/Balgas, including underlying and nearby leaf litter leaving a mosaic pattern of burnt and unburnt areas to provide minimal impact to flora and fauna.

The City's Hazard Reduction Grass Tree Burning Program will commence in autumn/winter 2019 and will include a small number of reserves. Information about the City's Hazard Reduction Grass Tree Burning Program is provided in Frequently Asked Questions on the City's website.

For more information or to be notified of when a burn is taking place, visit the City's website and subscribe to the City's Public Notices Online Newsletter and/or register for inclusion on the City's Hazard Reduction Grass Tree Burning Notification Register to receive an automated notification via SMS/text message or email. The general community will also be notified through the City's website, Facebook and Twitter.

IHOA Maintenance sub committee

Handyman 13th May 2019   

I am looking to get some general work done around the house, ie hang door, fix wooden gate and fence etc, does anybody know a good handyman?


"Ranger" asking about registered cats / dogs at address 15th February 2019   

A person presenting details as a "ranger" came to the door asking whether any dogs or cats were registered at the address. He had a notice board with a map of houses.
Can anyone confirm whether this is legitimate? I have never been asked this before.


Hi Will, yes this is legitimate, the city are currently undertaking an audit of cat and dog registrations.

Simon  18th February 2019
NBN 15th February 2019   

It's already available everywhere. That said speeds vary a lot thanks to rubbish FTTN. I'm towards Shenton and only getting 15mbs on NBN right now with max speed of 21mbs.


As crappy as that is mate, you should be thankful, i dont even get over 8! IINET turn around say its distance to the node nothing they can do. its crap. Im near burns beach rd.

Adan  14th March 2019
Commercial site update 24th January 2019   

This 24 residential apartment development by Helm Living is to be located on the corner of Burns Beach Road and Mykonos View and these are the plans to be included in their Development Application to City of Joondalup.



18015_DA_SITE PLAN_190110.pdf


If you would like to discuss this further or have any queries about the development please contact one of the following at Helm Living who are very happy to receive feedback about the project.

Brad Kelly
0411 745 925
Jarrad Sizer
0419 902 533

IHOA Committee

Does this mean the IGA / Bottleshop / Cafe / Childcare plan is gone ?

Sue  25th January 2019

No Sue, this development is located behind the proposed Plaza which is on the corner of Burns Beach Rd and O'Mara. These apartments are on the corner of Mykonos and Burns Beach Rd.

IHOA Committee  1st February 2019

Sue, it is my understanding that the Helm Apartments, is not the same as the other development which is situated along O'Mara Bvld. These apartments are located at the corner of Mykonos View and Burns Beach Road.

Steven  4th February 2019
Substandard Park compared to McCusker 13th January 2019   

The park surrounded by Blackpool, Cocoa, Calis has had graffiti sprayed upon the shelter, there is a broken tree and the grass is again in terrible condition.

For the last couple of years the grass has almost died off a few times with reticulation not seeming to be applied. There is a stark contrast between this park and the lush green type grass and continual replanting that has occurred at James McCusker Park.

Does anyone know if the standard of this park will be lifted with more distribution of our SARS going towards it?


Very good point Arron as it appears the McCusker Park is always being maintained, discussed and cared for more then any other parks in Iluka. Why is this so? This park on the crn of Calis/Blackpool needs more maintainence as it is regularly used by all the kids near and far, so let's use our SARS money on it and give the Kids a decent place to play.

Bronwyn  21st January 2019
Caravans 6th January 2019   

Please can you advise if there is still a rule in Iluka that there are no caravans or motorhomes allowed on verges, or has this rule been relaxed. Thank you,


This has been raised before, but no one does anything about it. You can just about park a semi trailer out the front and nothing will happen because no one's got the guts to say anything anymore. It used to be not allowed and not tolerated which was what made this suburb different to the rest but now you might as well be in any place now.

Geoff  8th January 2019

Thank you for your enquiry Denise and we can confirm that under the rules of the Association, caravans etc are not permitted to be parked on front verges.If you would like to report this breach please contact us via this website and we will respond accordingly.

IHOA Maintenance Committee  8th January 2019
keys found on sports oval 13th December 2018   

Two silver keys found on the oval, one Gainsborough and one Lincoln. They dont have a tag or any other identifying features, but appear to be house keys. Phone 0413 887 341 if you think they might be yours.


Message from Ian Goodenough 27th November 2018   

The festive season is upon us, and our streets are beginning to light up with the magic of Christmas.

This year, Ian Goodenough MP, Your Federal Member for Moore, is encouraging residents to map Moore's Christmas lights by nominating their Christmas lights display or favourite street to visit via, and we would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word to local residents!

Details are included in the most recent post on Ian's Facebook page - Ian Goodenough MP - please feel free to share the most recent post, or pass on the above information using your own communication channels.

IHOA Committee

NBN 23rd September 2018   

Hi all - i understand that parts of iluka are able to access the nbn. I am in Venice Entrance (omara blvd end) and cant find any info as to when it will be rolled out here. Does anyone know?.


TV Service 6th September 2018   

Recent black out in the Iluka area has also effected our TV connection. Power resumed around 4.55 pm but at 6.24 pm still no TV. Got free to air TV provider name off IHOA & sent email to inform them about outage. Also rang the 1300 number provided. What a dead end that is. If your TV reception is not working dont waste your time ringing LBNCO as it is obvious they dont really want to help you. Suggest you check the reviews on this provider, what a joke. How did they get control of our TV NETWORK ??
Lift your game LBNCO.


Landscaping update 1st August 2018   

The City of Joondalup have advised us that turf renovations will be soon taking place as part of the ongoing grass maintenance program. The areas that will be vertimowed are from the corner of Naturaliste Boulevard up Shenton Avenue and round the corner into Marmion Avenue. The corner of Marmion Avenue into Ocean Gate Parade and the corner of Marmion Avenue into Miami Beach Promenade. The works are scheduled to commence on 6th August and are anticipated to be completed by 17th August. Given the amount of rain it is not anticipated that there will be an issue with dust but we do recommend that you keep doors and windows closed whilst the works are underway.

IHOA Maintenance sub committee.

Internet Providers O'mara Blvd 10th July 2018   

I was just wondering what internet providers people have chosen in Iluka? I'll be moving in to our new place on the 30th and it seems as though there aren't a whole lot of options?

We currently have the NBN and are getting good speeds around 80Mbps, but it seems as though we can only get a max of 12Mbps with iiNet.

Any suggestions would be great :)

Josh & Ricki

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