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The Community Noticeboard is an open forum where Iluka residents may post details of upcoming events or discuss topics of interest. If you have an issue which you feel requires specific attention then you may also contact the committee directly or attend one of the regular monthly meetings.

On the matter of the proposed or envisaged development in the ILUKA commercial zone 24th May 2017   

In spite of anything that: the Director of OP Properties, their staff, or any of their agents, may say, there is no relationship, close, commercial or otherwise, between the Iluka Homeowners' Association and OP Properties. For any party to state or imply otherwise is, in our view; misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive.

The Iluka Homeowners' Association "IHOA" has, for many years, represented the ILUKA suburb as a whole and continues to do so.

As to the meeting prior to the public release of the information on the proposed development, the meeting was called by OP Properties in conjunction with Satterleys. Commercial in Confidence was only claimed during the meeting and not before. The IHOA provided general feedback to OP Properties on behalf of the ILUKA Community as a whole, including recommendations on how to fully disseminate information on the proposed development to the community.

All information disclosed at the meeting with OP Properties was disclosed at the usual open monthly IHOA Committee meeting the following week. The monthly IHOA committee meeting is open to all ILUKA residents and residents who did not attend that committee meeting cannot claim or imply that the IHOA withheld information from them. The onus is on residents to stay informed by attending committee meetings.

It must be again restated that; the Iluka Homeowners' Association Committee is run by volunteers who draw no rewards for the time that they invest in the community of ILUKA. Residents who make no contributions to the running of the IHOA lack standing to criticise the operation of the IHOA.

Iluka Homeowners' Association Executive Committee

Lost I-phone SE 23rd May 2017   

Hi, my daughter lost her mobile approximately one week ago. It had a cover with an elephant print on it. It is an i-phone SE rose gold. If you have picked this phone up or know of someone who may have picked it up we would really appreciate it being returned as my daughter will now have to replace this phone herself. If you could contact us asap as my daughter is very upset over this loss. Thank you kindly.


No tv reception still 19th May 2017   

4 hours still no TV reception. Fusenet do not return phone calls or emails. Ring Western Power that created this problem and told it could be 4 days before we get our TV up and running. This is the 21st-century and this is technology. Obviously this system does not work and I should be looking at property V antennas that to work .


No TV reception 18th May 2017   

What is going on? Western Power have done that with maintenance in our area and have no TV reception now for over four hours. Having to make several calls to get somebody to help and sort it out. Never had these problems when we all had a reliable basis TV aerial. This system obviously does not work.


Development 18th May 2017   

I have lived in the suburb for 18 years and have always been aware that this area was ear marked for shops, cafes etc not sure why no one else seems to have know this?

I am not opposed to a development as it brings value to the area and creates a sense of community, we have one cafe to walk to! Competition in the area is healthy. I also thinks it brings more jobs for locals and young people who are looking for part time jobs to suppliment college and uni fees.

That being said I agree 4 storey's is not necessary.


There's an on line feedback form to air our views

I also believe it is way too big and will cause traffic and environmental issues with refuse and is clearly unnecessary with enough shops and cafes within a 2km radius already. And they are struggling to stay in busuness. A small upmarket resort style retirement village of say 20 single or double story townhouse would be more fitting. The current design belongs in Subiaco.

Sue  18th May 2017

I too oppose this development. It is unnecessary. Hillarys and Mindarie are just down the road. The new Marina is coming and we have the Currumbine shopping centre that is being nicely developed.

I love the tranquility of Iluka. The Burns Beach Cafe, parks and walking paths are what makes our peaceful suburb so attractive

Sue  19th May 2017

Obfuscation and quite possibly deception. The use of the land at the coastal end of Omara is not what was relayed to me when I bought and built in this suburb. This development is totally out of keeping with our neighbourhood and may yet morph into something further from acceptable. Greed knows no bounds.

Al  19th May 2017

Resident since 2014-Anyone buying in Iluka would have been made aware of the potential IGA development. A four storey monstrosity was never part of the blurb.

Al  19th May 2017

We have lived in Iluka on and off since 1995 for the last 10 years we have been aware that some sort of commercial type building was going to be along O'Mara Blvd. We feel the development will be great for Iluka and will bring some much needed vibrant lifestyle into our suburb the sooner the better and yes we will be looking directly at the site.

Peter  19th May 2017

As I understand it, this location was marked for commercial development for some time but the developers were never able to generate any interest, and considered applying to have the area rezoned to residential on more than one occasion.

Any potential developers, after carrying out due diligance, determined that the site was not commercially viable, most likely due to it's location within a residential area with no ocean frontage and little in the way of passing traffic.

So what has changed? Does building bigger suddenly make a questionable location viable? My main concern is that the local patronage won't be enough to sustain any business located here and we could end up with empty and boarded up shop fronts before too long.

Businesses in superior locations are currently struggling so why would anyone open up shop at this site? Perhaps any experienced small business owners in our neighbourhood could offer an opinion.

Simon  20th May 2017
coffee in iluka 17th May 2017   

I welcome the development on O'Mara in Iluka- the chance to leave the car in the garage and walk to get a coffee and a paper is great.


Development on omara blvd/burns beach road 13th May 2017   

I am strongly opposed to the size of the proposed development at the western end of omara blvd. I love the idea of a small cafe strip and over 55s retirement (owner occupied) apartments but the majority will be general 1/2/3 bedroom apartments with investment appeal (therefore rentals).

I am also annoyed by the inability to get a clear number of apartments in total - they seem to dance around that. For the southern corner the proposal is 60 retirement and 90 general apartments, plus retail (150 apartments overall)?

That is only stage one of the development! Incredible density in our lovely coastal community. I am all for development and progress but this appears to be incredibly out of step with the rest of the suburb.


Is there anywhere we can view these plans and give official feedback?

Sue  18th May 2017
Beaumaris Beach Village Precinct 13th May 2017   

At the information centre regarding Beaumaris Beach Village Precinct, OP Properties director Luke Parker stated that they had a closed and confidential meeting 2 weeks prior to the proposal being made public with the Iluka Home Owners association committee.

Since they are our representatives I would like to know the reason it was closed and confidential? Will the minutes of what transpired be made available to home owners?


Commercial development 13th May 2017   

We are completely opposed to a 4 story development going into our exceptionally quiet suburb, particularly one that will block the ocean views in the area. With the Currambine shopping center, the restaurant at Burns Beach, and the proposed marina in Ocean Reef, this development is completely unnecessary.

And Satterley assured us when we bought our block that only a small coffee shop MIGHT be built, NOT a four story behemoth.


I would sign a petion against this development, I understand there is one but where do I find it?

Maureen  15th May 2017

We were also assured by Satterley that the plot over the road from Calis was zoned Residential and the only commercial building was to be an IGA on tha corner of BB rd and Omara, nothing was said of creating a "Village" with 3 and 4 storey units and cafes and restaurants. We would never have bought here if we had of been informed of this. This is probably why we were not informed?

Pat  15th May 2017

I don't even like the idea of an IGA! Not with Ocean Reef OGA, Currambine shops and Kinross IGA.

I hope I don't sound snobby, but I thinking plonking an IGA in our beautiful suburb cheapens the suburb!!

Kylie  17th May 2017
Iluka commercial site development 13th May 2017   

OP Properties is proposing a new development in the Iluka commercial site.

They are hosting two community drop- in session at the Satterley's land sale office, 3 Romano Crescent, Iluka.

Dates for the drop-in sessions are:

  • Saturday the 13th May 2-5pm
  • Wednesday the 17th May 2-5pm

The Iluka Homeowners' Association encourages residents to attend the drop-in sessions so as to be informed on the proposed new development in their suburb.

IHOA Committee

Beaumaris Village Board 10th May 2017   

Hi to our neighbours the new shopping precinct and 4 Storey Development at the end of Omara Bvld and Burns Beach has just been put up would love residents views on this development.


I think this will be a great facility for Iluka and am looking forward to seeing the concept plan. It is great for older members in our suburb to have somewhere to downsize. We all get older everyday. Brightwater build and run fantastic retirement villages. Diversity as a number of the apartments from what I understand are for "anyone" to buy. Hope it goes ahead

Be fantastic to have a cafe and a few shops also.

Kim  17th May 2017
Koi Eradication in our Park 4th May 2017   

I went for a walk around the ponds at the James McCusker Park this morning and was mortified that 3 young men were there with fish nets. When I asked them what they were doing they told me they had been sent by the council to eradicate the Koi as they were eating the baby ducks ? Can someone please explain to me why this is necessary. The Koi are absolutely magical, also very valuable. So very disappointed.


I reckon they lied. I am mortified. The council would not have sent them. Call the ranger.

Bailey  9th May 2017

There was mention of this in the latest committee meeting minutes so it sounds legitimate.

Simon  13th May 2017

I called the council as soon as I got home. They confirmed these men were contracted by the council to remove the Koi. The lady I spoke to gave me the direct number of the person to speak to regarding this issue, and he is never there to answer my questions!

Vikki  13th May 2017
Watch lost Easter morning 30th April 2017   

We had an enjoyable morning Easter Sunday at James Mcclusker Park but unfortunately a Casio light blue band digital watch went missing.


Keys found Discovery Park 27th April 2017   

Set of keys found in Discovery park tonight. Please contact us if you have lost yours. Thank you.


Missing Cat 19th April 2017   

Missing our big black cat - Digit since 17th April. Digit has a collar with ID on it and contact details. He is also microchipped. Digit is a large, black smoke colour. Generally he is a shy cat and won't approach just anyone but myself or my girls. I'm having a cat enclosure built for him to keep him indoors but he has slipped out and I'm desperate to find him. If anyone has info please conatct me on 0422051771..


Cat has been found - thank you.

Olivia  4th May 2017
Found Bird 2nd April 2017   

A tame parrot has been found near Sir James McCusker Park. If you have lost one please phone 0438 518 405 or contact Vetwest Currambine after Monday 3rd.


Vandalism 14th March 2017   

We are building on Fontelina Parade. Last night our building site was vandalized. Understand from the neighbors that they saw people with rifling torches rifling through the site at about 9pm and noted two men who upon being questioned said they had heard noises and come to investigate. They were picked up by another man in a car and proceeded towards Venice Entrance. It would appear that these people were outsiders. Does anybody have the contact of the security company in Iluka? Do they patrol the estate? Any other suggestions are welcome. Feel outraged and sad st the same time.


We are building in Venice Entrance and have also had problems !

Bronwyn  21st March 2017

I noticed young teens hanging around a building site just after xmas. I notified the police and asked them to do a drive by. They arrived too late and the teens had gone. An officer called me afterwards to ask for further details and commented that "we don't usually get calls like this where neighbours are worried about the property of others" .......... strange comment, I thought.

Don't be afraid to call if you notice something, use your phone to take pics, get to know your neighbours and let's look out for each other.

Michelle  21st March 2017

This is the link you need:

The City of Joondalup has vehicles that cruise around the streets looking out for just such things as vandalism. You can ring and they will patrol an area with more vigilance I believe...useful also if you are going away for a considerable time.

Jenny  27th March 2017
Fibre Optic 2nd March 2017   

Is Fontelina Parade has fibre-optic cabling? Thanks


Toyota Keys found 5th February 2017   

Toyota key with fob and another key found Manhattan Ave near junction with San Pedro. Ring 0424 915 154 to collect.


Bug/Pest service - any local recommendations 27th January 2017   

Our annual preventative bug spray is due- anyone have any local recommendations of a good service?
Thank you.


Hi there.
I am Richard from Pests Out WA and we are based in Iluka. I can definitely assist you. Don't hesitate to give me a call on 0417331879.

Richard  27th January 2017
TV Reception 26th January 2017   

I have been inundated with over 20 postings all of which are regarding a loss of TV reception. I have decided not to publish each one individually as they are all basically the same - reporting a loss of signal and querying as to who to contact.

Unfortunately, despite their documented poor service and lack of response, the only option is to report any outage to Fuzenet on 1300 881 917.

Please note that the IHOA committee have no control over the TV cabling system and are unable to enforce any service level compliance. I will request the committee to contact Satterleys who, as estate managers, may be able to apply some pressure on Fuzenet. Residents may wish to do the same.

Simon (Forum moderator)

Glad to report Free to air tv is back on: Friday 27/1.
Thanks for providing Fuznet number on your contacts page which meant it was easy to call them- so many must have rung as their was a recorded message about our outage.

Sally  27th January 2017

We too lost free-to-air service on Wednesday evening when watching the TEN news. I emailed Fuzenet within minutes and I received an automated acknowledgement seconds later. On Thursday morning our neighbour across the road asked if we had TV reception because he had lost his. I emailed Fuzenet again with that information and received an email shortly thereafter saying that the "on duty Tech is investigating...". By mid-afternoon Thursday we had our free to air service restored. We have lived in Iluka since building in 2001 and have had only 1 other loss of free-to-air signal but in fairness to the service provider they have restored the service within 24 hours of reporting it.

Barrie  30th January 2017
Lost Love Bird 23rd January 2017   

Lost green/red Love Bird in vicinity of Aral Crt, Iluka on 22/01/2017


Eggs thrown at front door 21st January 2017   

We woke up this morning to eggs thrown all over our front door. Nearly impossible to get off the limestone.
Happened between 24.00 and 04.00.
Why do people/kids do this!


TV Reception 11th January 2017   

Hi, lost TV reception a few days ago. We've been living in Iluka for 3 years and have not paid any TV fees to anyone. Does anyone have any idea about who I should contact?


Lost Engagement Ring 10th January 2017   

Lost today at Iluka beach a platinum and diamond Tiffany engagement ring. Single stone. Sentimental value attached to ring. If anyone is on the beach or surrounds please keep an eye open for it. Please call me if you find it.
Thank you Sam and Tony 0400969518.


You might want to try contacting local metal detecting clubs - sometimes they have arranged meetings where they will all go to a field/site for a particular treasure hunt. Maybe ask if them and their members will come and scour the area for you in hope of finding the ring - you might want to offer them a reward.

Mike  24th January 2017
Stolen Statue 9th January 2017   

Large Earth Mother Statue was stolen from Delgado in the early hours of Monday Morning 09/01/2017.


Speeding on Naturaliste Blvd 2nd January 2017   

It would appear Naturaliste Blvd is now a speed track. There have been so many near misses it's frightening. Please we must remember there are children crossing to go to the park. We would all be very sad if anything serious happened. Perhaps a few ramps would help to slow the cars down. Let's keep the children safe.


100% agree.

Mike  24th January 2017
Found: Keys 3`st December 2016   

Found near corner of Burns Beach Road and Silver Sands - a set of keys with distinctive key ring. Describe it and I will be able to provide them back to you. 0459020924.


Blackpool Prom / Coney Way Kids Park 28th December 2016   

Is it just me thinking that the park, more so the "swing" attracts: shall we say; less desirables... many occasions now we have encountered youths under the influence of either drink or drugs being unruly, obnoxious or just a general menace, these people arrive by car and entertain themselves until early hours with no respect or regard to the residents.

If I dare walk my dog on the said park in the future, I'd be hopeful of some support or assistance from the association to reduce the risk of encountering the undesirables!

Suggest that the "adult" swing be replaced with something more junior to keep the crime away and attract a more family friendly atmosphere.


Lost key 13th December 2016   

Hi, I have lost a single key on a black lanyard in the top section of Sir James McCusker Park.This occurred mid week


Shannon Morgan on the Iluka Residents Community Group Facebook page has found it.

Maggie  24th December 2016

Hi Dave, I picked up your key. Please contact me 0402 141 742. Thanks.

Shannon  24th December 2016
Backyard fireworks 13th December 2016   

Can the people who decide to throw a party be a bit more considerate of their neighbours. Your kids might be all grown up now and ready to party but theres families with young kids who are trying to get to sleep and some morons letting off fireworks in a neighboring house (which is illegal mind u). It was so loud, my kids were terrified. Show some comonsence, and control your guests.


Prescription glasses found 12th December 2016   

We have found a pair of ladies prescription glasses near our letter box. Please call us on 0420 606 880 if they are yours. We live in Miami Beach promenade. Thank you.


Bus Services to Iluka 11th December 2016   

We are living in Iluka and need to travel to Sorrento every day for work and school. Our daughter also works at Whitfords on a part time basis. A 10 and 15 minute run in the car becomes over an hour of walk, bus, train, bus and walk. Does anyone else feel it would be worthwhile if we had a bus run along the coast road from Burns Beach to Hillarys Boat Harbour and back ? This would also benefit residents wishing to use the soon to be built Ocean Reef Marina.


Yes yes yes!!! Our son is starting high school in Sorrento and will be catching 2 buses home. One bus going from Hillarys to Burns would be beyond ideal! Where do I sign?

Kylie  11th December 2016

I like the idea. Would make it quicker, easier and more convenient to use public transport to get to Mullaloo Beach and Hillarys Marina.

Brett  12th December 2016

Michelle, I absolutely agree, my daughter is due to start at Sacred Heart along with one of her friends who also lives on the area, a bus service for the ever increasing coastal residents would be welcome. Plus how nice would it be to be able to catch a bus to Mullaloo, Hillarys and the one day opening Ocean Reef Marina?

Kelly  13th December 2016

Might be time for a petition. I'll contact Trans Perth after Xmas and see what can be done. I'll keep you posted. Have a wonderful and safe Xmas

Michelle  15th December 2016

I'll sign any petition! My son and many others I know from the area will be at Sacred Heart - I'm actually stunned there is nothing already considering how many from around this area go there! The buses went to Warwick station 25 years ago when I was there - think it's time they broaden their school bus routes further north!

Kylie  18th December 2016

Fabulous idea. Great for kids attending schools on that route and much more environmentally friendly than everyone taking their cars.

Lee  2nd January 2017

Hi Michelle
With the beginning of the new term looming wondered if you'd like some support kick stating this bus service request into action? It really is a great idea that I'd be more than happy to support!

Kelly  12th January 2017

Thanks Kelly, I've just recently returned from Sydney.I plan to call Transperth tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

Michelle  22nd January 2017

It is with regret that I wish to advise that after extensive conversations with Transperth it has been brought to my attention that we will not be getting a coastal bus service any time soon. Such a shame. Their reasoning was that the need was not great enough. They had trialed it some time ago and may review it when the new Marina is built at Ocean Reef. It was worth a try.

Michelle  27th January 2017

It is with regret that I wish to advise that after extensive conversations with Transperth it has been brought to my attention that we will not be getting a coastal bus service any time soon. Such a shame. Their reasoning was that the need was not great enough. They had trialed it some time ago and may review it when the new Marina is built at Ocean Reef. It was worth a try.

Kylie  1st February 2017
Horrid Stench 11th December 2016   

Does anyone know what is causing the strong smell of sewerage outside the homes at Santos Vista Iluka ?


All good, smell only lasted about half an hour then the wind must have changed.

Michelle  11th December 2016
Book on Iluka 6th December 2016   

From the latest (Oct) minutes, "SJ mentioned he had published a book about the History of Iluka and is available in bookstores"

Can the author please provide more details on this book, price, where to buy etc,
Many Thanks


Karl, the book you refer to is titled "The Joondalup Story: A city and a university campus in the making" It is available at Dymocks in Joondalup, or the Coop Bookshop at ECU and if you want a copy in a hurry, I have a few at home. Cost $25.

The Joondalup Story documents the early years of an exceptional urban complex: from its distant dreams of Professor Gordon Stephenson in the early 1950s to a modern city comprising WA's largest shopping centre, its newest university campus and a unique learning precinct, with a new University, a TAFE college and the Police Academy all located within easy walking distance from the railway station and the Joondalup Central Business District. It is also a story about leadership, commitment and creative achievement in an emerging urban community.

Sybe  19th December 2016
Xmas decorations stolen 6th December 2016   

Last night somebody stole our xmas decorations from Silversands Drive. A big inflatable santa with a surfboard and attempted to take other decorations. I now have 2 sad little girls so just be aware if you have decorations outside. Can't believe somebody could do this !!!!


On Christmas Day we briefly left the roller door open to our garage. Because we closed it with the remote in the house did not notice that the brief window of opportunity had been seized upon by a thief who stole my bicycle. It is horrible to think that just metres from where we were enjoying our family Christmas a thief was prowling.

Izzy  29th December 2016
Park Play equipment 23rd November 2016   

Would like to know if anyone would know how we can request for more Play equipment of all aged children/kids at small park area located between Calis Ave, Newquay lne and Coney lane Iluka. There is only minimal equipment and some are more suitable for older kids. Would be great to have some more play equipment for kids getting out playing and getting to know where and who we live around.


This request will be added to the capital works requests submitted to City of Joondalup next March. Any other suggestions for improvements within Iluka would also be welcome.

Sheila (IHOA Committee)  5th December 2016

I second more play equipment especially something at dog park (pataya pl) place please.

Kiasten  7th December 2016
Thief Captured On Camera - Do You Know Him? 23rd November 2016   

Please click on links below and see if you know this professional thief that has stolen from Iluka suburban private properties. The thief is brazen, has no fear, is calm and has bags of stolen goods from Iluka homes and cars.

Videos were provided to Joondalup police station, a police report was made, but but but, nearly two weeks later, no news from Joondalup police or any follow up actions from police.

Say no more to thiefs and help catch this menace. If anyone knows this person, or who has captured this person on CCTV, please inform the police and lets help put one more criminal begind bars. We can do this, I just need a little bit of your time to view the video and help us take scum of the streets.

Say no more to Thieft, Robbers, Cat Burglars, Criminals, Burglars, Crooks, Housebreakers, Bandits, Kleptomaniac, Rustler, Scum, did I leave any other names out?


No TV reception 17th November 2016   

Houses 169, 171, 173, 175 all have no TV reception for two days what is wrong? When can we get some service?


When there was a issue ten years under e-wire if three people rang with the same problem it would be fixed immediately times they are a changing.

David  22nd November 2016
Halloween in Iluka 31st October 2016   

I feel I must write about the good behaviour and nice manners of the children who called at our home on Monday night. It was such a delight. I had my arm in a sling and little ones as young as 4 said things like "Hope you will be better soon - Does it hurt" They ALL said "Thank you" Well done children.


TV Reception 31st October 2016   

I have not had TV reception for two days in the Venice Entrance area. Is anyone else having problems? I have not looked into the problem at all yet!


I contacted ACMA and they simply told me to contact an installer and get an internal aerial installed.

Jeremy  8th November 2016
Fuzenet 28th October 2016   

Hi All,
Almost completed our build in Iluka, and need to arrange for internet, TV and phone connections. I've seen quite a few negative comments regarding Fuzenet on here - are they really that bad? Can anyone share some positive comments? Not sure if they have recently upgraded their service, but they are offering 200GB 100/40Mbps for $79.95 which seems reasonable to me if they can deliver. I just need to decided if I want to commit to them for 2 years, or pay the connection fees for a shorter or no contract - else go with iinet... Cheers,


Dont do it Mike!- you'll regret it within weeks. there is a reason there arent any positive comments here or anywhere else for that matter.

Why the developers - Satterly Property group - allowed a single communications company to hold a monopoly on our suburb is a mystery apart from the conspiracy thoughts that kick backs were involved so once NBN arrives I'm in however I have to be content with adsl 2 and TV free to air with Fuzecrap.

Nick  4th November 2016

Having experience the old e-wire (Furner) there is simply one choice iinet Wins hands down by a mile.

David  4th November 2016

When we moved in 1 year ago we had the same concerns and could not get a clear positive answer from anyone. We decided to go with Optus Broadband which had unlimited data on a 1 year contract (we did not want a contract either but eventually had no choice), with 2 ipads streaming youtube and netflix all at the same time I can tell you that we have been very happy with our choice.

Lindi  8th November 2016

I have been with Fuzenet since building in Iluka 3 years ago. Recently they upgraded the phones and I no longer get any phone features. After numerous calls to Fuzenet, they suggested I change providers, but iinet says they can't because I have a VoIP number. Anyone else had this problem?.

Judy  1st December 2016

Is there actually an option to connect using iiNet? I spoke to LBNCo and they said I have to use fuzenet. Can anyone tell a way around it for a new house connection please? I already have an account with iiNet and don't want to change.

Jess  6th December 2016

Thanks all for the replies; not looking too promising then. I have Vivid Wireless with VOIP at the moment, which gives just about adequate performance - I guess I'll just stick with that until NBN arrives.

Mike  7th December 2016

Have a look at the lnbnco website There are a number of provider option for the estate fibre. I have been with ausbbs for over a year with no issue

Paul  10th December 2016

We were also told that we have no choice but to use FUZENET. They are horrendous !!!!

Michelle  11th December 2016
Stolen bike 23rd October 2016   

Hi at 2.45am someone walked down daytona drive then at 3.00am his mate turned up in a light coloured Mitsubishi pagero old style and stole my daughters bmx racer. Not happy the bike is a grey dk hopefully it will turn up.


Hi, sorry to hear this. My son (13) also had his bike stolen this week. It was a "we the people" Silver bmx with light blue trim. Hopefully it will also turn up!! .

Chris  20th November 2016
Halloween 12th October 2016   

Hi All just wondering if there are details about any events at Sir James McCusker park for Halloween. I can see in the minutes for Sept meeting that there were talks of it, but nothing posted nor no flyer yet.


Yes there will be a Halloween event. Your newsletter giving all the details will be delivered to your letterbox this week. If you don't receive one, contact the committee and one will be dropped off to you.

Sheila  15th October 2016
Stolen 27th September 2016   

At 3am this morning someone has stolen a big pot again from our front garden. We had one pot stolen on 29th Aug. After replacing this pot which is extremely heavy on its own we filled the new one with 80kg rocks but this wasn't enough to stop them. Keep an eye out for these scumbags !!!


Chocolate point squint siamese male missing 26th September 2016   

Our squint siamese has managed to get over our wall during the night /he is not used to the outside world so may be hiding in neighbours gardens.he is shy but not unfriendly.he is micro chipped and wont wear a collar, we are worried he wont find his way home. He has lovely blue eyes and answers to the name Sange.


Stolen pavers and other items 25th September 2016   

Very early this morning some of our pavers which were in a pack/pallet were cut open and taken from the front of our house. Fortunately our brick paver spotted them in the nearby vacant bush land on Achilles Loop. Some were somewhat visible while others were deliberately covered by large shrubs. We happened to also find a wooden bench and some pots (grey rectangular one) and a brown/copper looking oval pot. If they are yours, this is where they are, behind a small tree and up against the black material fence. Obviously these crooks decided to put them away to pick up later and will no doubt be surprised to find that we have taken back our pavers. It has been reported to the police and they will be scouring the vacant bushland for any other stolen items. They have also advised that they will increase police presence in the area. I do recall previous posts about people having items stolen from the front of their house, so just be mindful that it is still happening. Our Neighbour who has cameras around his house, checked his front camera footage and believes it occurred around 3.30am but he couldn't make out the car or plates.


Bag and helmets found 25th September 2016   

2 bike helmets and one bag located at the amphitheater. I assume they have been left there. I saw them at 10:45am on Sunday 25th Sept.


Smashed Windows 29th August 2016   

Please keep an eye out, a group of youths twice in the last three weeks smashed a window on my neighbours front door and smashed the back window of his car. The group were seen running up Santa Monica Parade and the incident was reported to the police.


Stolen (2) 29th August 2016   

Just letting people know our 4 statues were stolen from our front garden today in Pattaya gardens , apparently similar thing happened elsewhere in Iluka . 2 men in a white van were seen parked outside prior to the theft . So keep an eye on your and your neighbours property as nothing seems to be safe anymore.


2 metre tall Frangipani stolen from front garden in Roman Crescent in the early hours of this morning - clearly from the other posts someone is busy taking things they perhaps to establish their own garden! The plant was clearly pulled out of the ground and we could see (by the trail of soil across the footpath) that it had then been put into a vehicle as the soil trail ended abruptly.

Jan  30th August 2016
Stolen 29th August 2016   

In the early hours of this morning some low life has stolen a large decorative pot we had in our front garden. In the process damaging our retaining wall.

The person was driving a white tradies ute. Unfortunately we didn't get the rego..


Good Samaritans 28th August 2016   

A huge thank you to the family who found my (sausage) dog on Burns Beach road and returned her to my house.... You are amazing thank you!

My mum started to feel unwell on our walk, so I let go of my dog's leash to help her. When I looked again my dog had vanished into the bush (rabbit hunting methinks!) I searched the area near the caravan park in a panic, until hubby came to tell me doggie was safely back home, due to the efforts of some really great people.


Lost wedding ring 25th August 2016   

Lost male wedding ring somewhere in the Iluka area. Not sure when, but most likely in the last week or two while walking dog. Contact the Homeowners Association for contact details.


Found the wedding ring. It turned up in the vacuum cleaner after two weeks of searching everywhere.

Jack  6th September 2016
Shenton Ave, between Naturalist Pde and Marmion Ave 22nd August 2016   

This section of Road needs a solid white (painted) line installed ASAP to indicate it is a "2-way" road for those not familiar with this area and / or at night as it's poorly lit.


I agree 100% - this should be done soonest. Who can assist with this or who should be spoken to?

Chaleen  29th August 2016

Yes Karl I totally agree the amount of people that I see via into the middle of the road is unbelievable! Definately a double white line down the middle!!

Chelsea  30th August 2016

Yes, please! Hurry!

Catherine  1st September 2016

Hope this line marking will be done asap. There is going to be a tragedy otherwise.

Izzy  4th September 2016

It's great that people are using this forum to draw attention to local issues, but serioulsy has no one bothered to pursue this any further?

As it's a safety issue, have you considered contacting the council or Main Roads? Your local ward councillors can probably point you in the right direction, you can also try your local MP who'se office is just across the other side of Marmion Ave.

Simon  8th September 2016

I'm thinking you would need to contact Main Roads or possibly the City of Joondalup to voice your concerns.

Tamara  9th September 2016

I agree about the white line being required but we all need to report it on the council website for the council to take action.

Michael  13th September 2016

I have heard back from Joondalup council and apparently Main roads WA are responsibly for line marking the roads. Their criteria for line marking is that the road must have more than a certain number of vehicles use the road each day. the council advised that they will put counters on the road in the next few months to see if we have the numbers to meet Main Roads requirement.

Michael  29th September 2016

Thank you Michael for following up on this matter. The response received seems predictably "red tape"? The sooner it's done, the better!

PS (Had another car recently drive "at me", in the middle of this stretch of road...)

Karl  7th October 2016

I had a meeting with Mr Ian Goodenough MP regarding this matter. Trusting this issue will receive attention soonest.

Chaleen  11th October 2016

I notice that the road is actually marked, just that the markings are badly faded and barely visible.

I have contacted the CoJ suggesting that there is no need for counters or any other measures. As the line markings are already in place it should simply require re-painting as matter of basic maintenance. Awaiting their response.

Simon  15th October 2016

I had the same response as other residents from Joondalup council ie. That the M R D is responsible for white lines and will be undertaking a traffic count. This is completely illogical, the lines were there when there was far less traffic/population. If the lines were deemed necessary then, it follows they are even more important now.

Izzy  16th October 2016

Just following on from Simon's post. I have lived on Shenton Ave for 22 years and the issue of idiots drifting onto the wrong side of the road has always been an issue. A few years ago a police officer was knocked off his motorcycle near the Naturaliste roundabout. It's only getting worse with the inattention of people using phones while driving. Originally there were 6 broken lines painted at the Marmion end and 2 at the Naturaliste end (old Nearmap photos prove that).

It's an absolute no-brainer that either Main Roads or COJ should be maintaining those lines as visible, but the other issue of them arranging to put down another 9 or so broken lines to finish the job doesn't seem to be a big ask in the overall scheme of things. A single unbroken line isn't practical as it would be illegal to cross it to overtake a bike or stationary vehicle. Surely it shouldn't take much to get some quick action on this.

Dave  18th October 2016

I have received the following response from the City of Joondalup.

"The City intends to not only reinstate the existing faded Linemarking for the section of Shenton Avenue between Marmion Ave and Naturaliste Blvd but to have the Linemarking installed in the 115m section that is missing. This will provide continuity and help keep vehicles to the left of the lane."

"To install the section that is missing, the City must obtain approval from Main Roads WA (MRWA). To support the City's request, current traffic data for the road must be provided hence the need for traffic survey equipment to be used. Should MRWA not support our request, only the faded existing Linemarking will be addressed."

Simon  20th October 2016

For those that haven't already noticed, it was painted as a solid white line today (Thursday 15th). Kudos to the CoJ / MRD for bothering to listen and then act.

Karl  15th October 2016
TV Reception 18th August 2016   

Dear residents of Iluka. I am not able to watch TV due to pixilation and clicking on most TV channels, Do you experience similar problems recently? Do you have any idea where to complain?


We experience it only on Channel 10. Very frustrating.

Leslie  24th August 2016

Had excactly the same problem, but only on Channel 9 (looking to escape the Olympics on CH7 for an hour).
Try adjusting (turning, replugging etc) where your TV aerial connection lead plugs into the wall socket - worked for me. Go figure!?

Karl  27th August 2016

Also getting this issue on channel 9 but only certain times of the day. Who can we complain to?

Jeremy  4th September 2016

Same for us with channel 9 but no signal at all mostly and now having issues with channel 7 as well. Seems to be worse when there is wind although we have internal antenna. ACMA website may help.

Elizabeth  12th September 2016

We currently have no SBS channels. They are too pixillated..

Geoffrey  26th September 2016
SAR and dumping 9th August 2016   

I have a block in Serena Way that has been used as a dumping site. Without approaching a neighbour to install a camera, who is the point of contact to have the area cleaned up. I appreciate that builders need somewhere to put their refuse, but not on my property.


Hi Jeff, I guess your block is the one next to the house currently being built in Serena way, If the items being dumped on your block are building materials I would suggest you contact the builder of that home.

Michael  5th September 2016

Hi Jeff, i also live on Serena Way. Question.. when do you plan to start building?

Mark  12th November 2016
Sir James McCusker Park 4th August 2016   

Please can you let me know why there are no public toilets in the park?


Public toilets attract anti-social behaviour.

Jessi  27th August 2016

There could be automatic door toilets. These are not so attractive to anti social behavior. But it is really hard to enjoy this beautiful park without the toilets. I don't know how girls from boot camp do it. Or little kids.

Some toilet solution would be highly appreciated, much better than to use bush,as some parents have to use as the only option for kids on a beautiful day, it they want to stay for longer.

Sara  30th August 2016

I initially also thought toilets would be good but after research and reflection I agree that toilets are just another point for antisocial behaviour, vandalism and graffiti.

Tamara  1st September 2016

So, Tamara and Jessi, where do you go when nature calls? What is your solution in this matter? Do you have any other suggestion?

Sara  4th September 2016

There are many ways to deal with antisocial behaviour but more embarrassing and simply wrong is having young children being forced to use the grass as a toilet. In my opinion if you have a children's play area, provide the correct facilities. Automatic closing toilets that shut after say 18:00 are are great idea and are available at many other parks.

Debi  6th September 2016

Perhaps a small alfresco coffee kiosk nearby any future toilet block would serve two purposes. People would deter silly behaviour in the day and the toilets could be locked at night. There quite a few locations where this could add to the park's atmosphere and solve a problem for parents.

Geoff  18th September 2016

I agree... A toilet is needed in that park. A design the same as that outside Paddy malones up in Reid St Joondalup would be good.... no one can get in there if it's locked. It could be unlocked by a ranger first thing in the morning and then locked at 6pm, earlier in winter, obviously checking there's no one in there when locked :) .... a nd made of stainless steel as the one in Reid St, I'm sure it might then withstand vandal attack?? That's my humble opinion anyway.

Bobbie  21th September 2016

Agree. We have three young kids and the lack of toilets at the park is a nightmare. With the park being used for weddings etc as well I would have thought this to be a no brainer. Perhaps in a non offensive location towards the car park where residents wouldn't have to look directly upon them would be acceptable? I'm assuming the council clean the bbqs daily so it shouldn't be that much of an extra inconvenience for them. Re antisocial behaviour - auto locking toilets, sensor lighting and visible CCTV camera and warning could address this issue. How can this issue be progressed to the committee for consideration and community consultation?

Matt  12th April 2017
E Wire email system 25th July 2016   

Has anyone encountered problems with their emails due to the E Wire system/network? If so, what's the solution please?


Hi Nina. Best thing to do is to change to another internet provider. Fuzenet (former e-wire) is rubbish.

Neyl  2nd August 2016

Yes. I have been in contact with them for the last week. Apparently they had a failure in their server that has caused the issue. From Monday, it was fixed - see how long that goes for now.

Jeff  9th August 2016
Facebook Group Page 19th July 2016   

Hi, does Iluka Home Owners Assoc have a Facebook Group Page? If not, perhaps we could look into it. Burns Beach has one and is working well with the incidents that have been happening there of late. Police seem to be patrolling the area.


Hi Anabel, last year we did have a Facebook page for a while but it was not used much. We now do not have anyone on the committee who can administer it.

Sheila  22nd July 2016

There is one now set up by a resident - Iluka Residents Community Group.

Kylie  24th August 2016
Key found 19th July 2016   
EPL broadcast through AUSBBS 16th July 2016   

Hi, does anyone know a great way to watch the EPL on TV whilst subscribed to AusBBS, since we cannot use Optus? No use for Foxtel anymore after they lost the contract to show games. I will contact AusBBS on Monday just thought someone may already have tackled this issue. Thanks.


Lake water 25th June 2016   

Glad to report that the city are upgrading the water aeration system, they were unhappy with the work carried out with the initial installation, but the system should be working soon.

The system should be a fountain but not as big as the other fountains in the other lakes..

Hope this helps explain what is going on in the lower lake.

Tom Daly
Committee member
Iluka Home owners association

Community Consultation - Burns Beach Master Plan 25th June 2016   

The City of Joondalup has drawn our attention to the newly released Burns Beach Master Plan and is seeking comment from residents as part of the Community Consultation process.

Full details of the plan are available on the City of Joondalup website along with frequently asked questions and an online survey form where interested residents can make their view known.

While the plan applies to a nearby suburb it is possible that future plans may affect the amenity in Iluka and we encourage residents to read the plan and mak etheir view known.

The consulation period closed on Friday 19th August 2016.

IHOA Committee

Newsletter 25th June 2016   

I just wanted to thank those involved in publishing the newsletter we've received this week and in the past.

It is very informative and very well put together, quite professional in fact and thank you so much for the wonderful and inspiratinal profiles of our fellow Iluka residents.

I expect it takes quite some time and effort to put his together and I assure you it's greatly appreciated.


Yes I agree you are producing a great website. Thank you.

Philip  28th June 2016
Vehicle theft 19th June 2016   

Watch out for this guy stealing from vehicles. Took my LED super bright head torch. It will come in handy for him to commit more crimes.


Drug Taking Sir James McCusker Park 5th June 2016   

My son has showed me an area where drug taking takes place, a used needle, employ water bottled used for snaking habituated and genial other forms of antisocial elect overs left in this of the path a ear located in the main Iluka part.

I have informed the local police but would seem after months of trying to engage the police to do something about this drug taking gathering area in a public park location, nothing seems has been done.

My son has been identified as being part of those who use the location and the police have also been informed, including the provisions of social media pictures and writings which support the purchase of drugs at the Ocean Reef Senior Heigh School by students from prearranged park and drive away local drug dealer.

As a parent who feels let down by the systems inability to do what I believe to be acceptable intervention and prevention, can anyone provide any further advice as to how this festering issue can be best managed.

Please reply with any ideas to stamp out criminal activities associated with drugs in our community.


If there is sufficient concern regarding this issue then the committee may be able to arrange a meeting with police representatives and other stakeholders. Please reply to this forum or directly to the committee if you feel this would be worthwhile.

Forum moderator  12th June 2016

Is this further to the "Garden Hose" posting from 10th April where I also raised the issues of this disgusting area in the middle of beautiful James McCusker Park?

Karl  13th June 2016

Used needles lying around the park? Did I read Mark's post correctly -- part of an ear? Yeah I'd definitely say that this issue needs to be addressed by the police.

Catherine  13th June 2016

Karl, Katherine and other readers, sorry for my poor spelling and sentence structure with original post , predictive text by iPhone (grrrrrrrrrr) and hence, reading confusion/frustration by mass I am sure, please accept my apology.

Garden hoses are used for anti social smoking appliances, we found one in a known ( to me) individual's school bag. The garden hose that made up the smoking appliance did not come from my garden hose.

As for the reference to the needle, yep and unfortunately you (Catherine) read it correct and I have pictures of this needle and location should police or Iluka committee member be interested or wish to peruse the concerns further. The person who took the photo of the neddie is able to be cooperative if any investigation is initiated. Video of drug taking also able to be provided in same location.

I am happy to provide information although disappointed that police has taken a less than acceptable interest to date, maybe Iluka committee can assist in keeping the young living in the area safe, a good commitment to date provides hope.

Mark  15th June 2016

In the warmer months, I head down to a swimming spot at the end of Silversands getting to the spot by jumping over the track fence and walking down onto a small beach. to the left of this beach is a reef overhang or small cave and I believe people use this as an area for drug taking. I havent actually seen this but some investigation into the area revealed paraphanalia so I have no doubt as to what occurs here.

In winter the high tides and storms usually clean the area of rubbish so at this point in time there wont be evidence down there. I am definitely in favour of the committee organising police meetings.

Nick  15th June 2016

Joondalup Local Policing Team 4 are aware of your concerns and regularly patrol beach front carparks during the evenings where drug detection and prosecution rates are high.

We are working through information received at Crime Stoppers in relation to Ocean Reef High School and associated drug activity. It will help us greatly if drug activity in James McCusker Park is reported as it is happening. Photographs of persons involved, car registration numbers and any other information that could identify the perpetrators will assist us.

This problem is not unique to Iluka and we are doing our best to tackle problems in many public reserves, skate parks etc through the district.

I happy to discuss resident's concerns at any time.

Sgt Brad CUTLER 9107  22nd June 2016
Joondalup LPT 4 94000888

Dear Sgt Brad CUTLER 9107, thanks for the response in relation to drugs and drug taking in our local communities. What is frustrating is that we screen shoot phone text messages of two adolescents and a drug dealer in discussion with intent to buy and consume drugs, this information including phone numbers and names of all three parties. However, information that gets supplied to police seems to go into a black hole.

I can confirm that information provided has yet to be acted upon by Police, so question being ask is:

What more do we have to give or do for the police to act?

Mark  1st September 2016
Commercial vehicles 28th May 2016   

Is the committee able to provide a definition of "commercial vehicles" other than what is contained within the covenants? If by commercial you refer to any "vehicle" that is used for a commercial (business) purpose, then, am I able to have a caravan parked on my property if it is a recreational item?

Thank you.


Jeff I have wondered the same too out of curiosity. Not that I have a caravan. But the covenant says any "commercial vehicle, including caravans and trailers" - so in "law" does that mean caravan and trailer identified as commercial by livery or type,therefore obvious recreational ones are excluded from the statement, or was it intended to mean "commercial vehicles and caravans and trailers (of any type)"? Any barristers out there who may wish to comment?

Philip  4th June 2016

Its an interesting point... Law can be "grey" at times... you then have to prove someone signed a agreement as well and ensure its on the title... sometimes when titles are moved the correct documents are not always signed... so have you agreed to the document? is the definition clear?? it would be interesting to know as some places include any 4WD as a "commercial" vehicle... Car yards often class a 4WD as "lCommercial" ... its a very interesting question... I doubt any lawyer will comment publicly on this though.

Craig  13th June 2016

The most detailed definition can be found on this website, go to Membership, click on covenants, scroll down to Association Rules and then open Rules Policy. hopefully this will answer your queries.

Sheila  14th June 2016

Sooo - What is happening about and when is the association going to take action on all the boats, trailers, caravans, commercial "work" vehicles that are throughout the area?

Otherwise, I may as well buy a caravan, roll the dice and ignore the pink elephant in the room like many have done for over a decade

Jeff  9th August 2016

Interestingly it's getting worse. Having moved from Ocean Reef into Iluka, the parking of Commercial vehicles, trailers, caravans etc is now much more noticeable in Iluka than it ever was in Ocean Reef (which isn't covered by covenants), maybe due to the smaller blocks and narrower streets? Can't see it improving anytime soon either.

Karl  22nd August 2016

We had an issue with the house directly opposite us, we called the Joondalup ranger and they managed to address the issue. I ordinarily have no confidence in local government third parties, but the ranger(s) in this instance were effective in having the concern addressed.

You never never know unless you give it a try, the Joondalup ranger may indeed work for you.

Mark  28th August 2016
Dog barking 28th May 2016   

I know there are a lot of dog owners in Iluka, most of whom are very responsible, pick up after their dogs and train them well. However there are a minority who in the area I live in seem to leave their dogs outside in their gardens constantly for hours on end so I can only assume, whilst they are out.

If people even walk past or there is the slightest noise the dogs just seem to bark and bark, sometimes one setting off another, it is particularly annoying early in the morning and late at night to the point it is disturbing peoples sleep. There really is no excuse for this, if you chose to have a dog please remember - it is your choice - not your neighbours, so please be responsible.

If you are unable to be at home with it for long periods of time, get some training for it , a dog shouldnt just bark for no reason continuously, so please dont keep leaving it outside.


Fully agree Debby, it's an issue pending where one lives. I live opposite a home with two dogs left in the garden, any persons passing by the fence and maintaining pathway traffic, sets the dogs off like a chain reaction. What make the situation more annoying, they also park six (6) odd cars on the front law as well. So for me, both eye and ear sores.

Mark  29th May 2016

Do you know which dog this is, and who owns it? Maybe you should go over and have a chat with the person to get a bit of an understanding of different situations.

Jarrod  29th May 2016

Hi Debbie, I feel for you and all the people who have to put up with this constant barking dog. As a dog owner I believe most dogs bark a lot due to boredom, being left outside all day and night, not being exercised enough and purely being neglected. I'm aware of a dog near where I live that is never walked and kept outside on its own all day which I feel is very sad plus soo unfair for all the neighbours around who have to put up with its constant barking. I think you can contact the rangers and report this, sadly it's not the dogs fault it's the owners.

Bron  29th May 2016

I work all day and have dogs that need walking early mornings and late evenings to keep them well exercised and socialized, as a responsible dog owner.. However some houses have their numerous CARs always consistently parked on verges, end of driveways and blocking off sidewalks pavements that really annoy us dog walkers and pram pushers; I do wonder if debby who's complaining about the barkings of bored doggies in back gardens is also the same house that have several parked hazards on the front, loud regular parties in her back garden that sets off the dogs in her proximity. I guess living in any community requires tolerance and understanding from all Residents, pet owners and non pet owners as your cars and parties too can become an issue for complaint.

Yolanda  29th May 2016

Perhaps people should be more tolerant and understanding or even better approach the neighbour to try and sort things out collaboratively and not put on an open forum. There maybe a good reason why the dog is out. Communication, it's not difficult and most people would be receptive to a conversation, rather than be reported to the Ranger causing antagonism.

Mike  29th May 2016

As a long term resident of Iluka and a stay at home mum. I cannot say I have experienced constant barking of dogs and I am home most of the day or walking round doing my exercise. I don't own a dog, never have, but I do know there is a big difference between a dog who is protecting his territory and one who is distressed by being left outside all day. I also feel safe knowing there are dogs around when I am alone. If I had an issue with this then I think I would knock on the neighbours door and let them know. I have found people here very friendly and approachable. Although reading your complaint it seems you have an issue with more than one dog in the community. It would be impossible to track down every dog that barks in their garden so unless you are suggesting a revision of the covenants to ban dogs. The only thing I can suggest is ear plugs for sleeping and some music on in the day.

Claire  29th May 2016

I agree, this is also happening in St Helena Way where a dog is kept in the front garden and it barks day and night when it hear's a noise, people walk past etc. It is sad for the dog, selfish of the owners and unfair to the neighbours!

Kate  29th May 2016

I put up a polite notice to make some people aware and found some comments quite rude to be honest! Am I the same person that has constant parties and multiple cars parked on the verge? No I never have parties or multiple cars outside my house - so don't assume things esp unrelated to this post.

I have lived in Iluka for 9 years and the dog barking has got worse. As this post shows you can talk to some people, but not everyone and they have to be in for you to bW able to do that!

I have also worn earplugs to sleep for years which has caused problems with my ears so I dont wear them anymore, but the point is why should I have to anyway?

Yes dogs should be walked regularly and not left alone for hours on end getting bored with no stimulation and I totally agree that is not their fault which is why I posted so some people may realise its happening. Most of my neighbours have dogs who are walked regularly and you dont hear a thing from any of them but it's the odd couple that are irresponsible.

Debby  1th June 2016

Yes Kate we live on St Helena Way across from the house you've mentioned and that poor German Shepherd barks all hours of the day or night.

As dog owners ourselves we understand dogs make noise sometimes, just like babies and kids do but I have never seen that dog out of the front yard

Jason  16th July 2016
Lake in McCusker park 26th May 2016   

Your committee is delighted to inform you that after consultations with the City of Joondalup an aeration system is to be installed in June into the lake system.

Please note that this is not another fountain, this is a system designed to assist with the health of the lake and to provide more aeration.

This may cut down on odours and areas of stagnant looking water.

Tom Daly
chairman of maintenance sub committee

Great news Tom and certainly a step in the right direction I'm sure.

Tamara  26th May 2016

Well done and thank you.

Rhode  27th May 2016
TV reception, especially ch 7 and related 25th May 2016   

Hi is any one have difficulties with their tv signals during may? first time experiencing issues in 9 years but appears to mostly the ch7 and related channels ( occasional Ch 9) . either no signal or pixilation's....we have the wired system from the estate (may need to think about a separate areilin the roof space!!!grrrrrrrr)


Yes we have also had this issue with the tv picture very annoying. Since the changeover from e-wire to Fusenet there have been more issues with the internet speed and tv issues sadly.

Maureen  31th May 2016

Maureen (or anyone else)....are you still having issues??. We are still experiencing loss of signal for 7 and 9 & SBS intermittently ( from total loss to bad pixilation). Ch 10 and associated channels work perfectly. Has any one any ideas or suggestion as Fusenet not answer call or respond to e-mails.

Ian  13th July 2016

Yep, same issue with no or poor TV reception, but only CH7? Rest are fine. With no NBN in sight and this issue then they'll be a rush for good ol fashioned TV aerials...I've considered it.

Karl  16th July 2016

Make sure your connection is tight
Sometimes your connection may come lose
I have that problem as well know its find

David  16th July 2016
Dogs in children's play area 18th May 2016   

I just wanted to ask if you are taking your dog to the park can we all please be mindful of their behaviour inside the children's play area. My five year old is terrified of dogs.... I don't know why as we had a large boxer dog until she was 3 and we love dogs as a family!!

Anyway over the last few weeks at least 5 times we have been in the children's park dogs have been running around in it. Last time one emptied it's bladder at the bottom of the slide just as my 1 year old came down....

I know most of the dogs are all friendly and want to play and I am actively encouraging my kids to be around the dogs and slowly get them used to them but each time one is running wild in the park she is terrified and we are back to square one!!

I expect them to be able to play freely in the park and grassy areas so think it's not much to expect the kids sand play area can be out of bounds for them.

Many thanks!


Trees, trees and more trees...needed! 16th May 2016   

Hello, to all the those treeless Iluka Homes and verges that are crying out for some greenery, cool shade in summer, whistling and beautiful birds!!! As an Iluka Resident living in the new area it sadness me to see such a barren, concrete and deadly ugly landscape. Where are the trees in this new Iluka area? I only see a very small amount of new homes who have planted some form of greenery other then that I only see a "concrete jungle"!!!

I am aware that it takes time for plants and trees to grow and get established in a new developed area plus it cost money so I thought i would share this information.

The Joondalup Council will supply and put in verge trees, all you have to do is go onto the Joondalup council website and all the information is there, what type of trees they offer, time frames and a online form to complete. It is a very simple, easy and free service and before you know it you will have some lovely verge trees.

Come on Iluka Residents lets make our community one that in years to come will have beautiful lush green trees that line the road verges, have whistling birds, shade to walk under and a stunning place to live in.


Great suggestion! I did not know that about the council and will be looking into it. Thanks!

Pam  19th May 2016

I never knew... contacted the council but the cut off each year is March 31st... so all done and dusted for 2016...

Craig  25th May 2016
Free to air TV 9th May 2016   

It appears as though the free to air tv network is done... our neighbours have also got the same problem. Who do we call to fix this as we are in the old part of Iluka. Can anybody shed some light. Cheers


Hi Geoff.
Unfortunately, we need to deal with Fuzenet which is responsible for both internet and TV in Iluka. Fuzenet is the worst telecom company ever. If you call them you'll have to wait more than 40 minutes for your call to be answered. I am having the same problem (no signal) and I'm seriously thinking about getting an aerial so I won't depend on this dreadful company anymore. If you want to call them the number is 1 300 881 917. Good luck!

Neyl  10th May 2016

Hi Geoff and Andrea,
This is my most annoying bug bear about living in our suburb - that the free to air is provided via cable and administered by a useless incompetent and greedy company like Fuzenet. Contact details below.

Do yourself a favour and get an exterior antenna - it works better.

Nick  10th May 2016

Folks, we have lived in Iluka for 10 years and we have never connected to the cable TV. We have an antenna inside our roof space which is powered (external antennas are against the IHOA bylaws). This has worked perfectly for us over the last 10 years with only some minor glitches now and then in stormy weather.

Roy  11th May 2016

Like Roy, we have an antenna in the roof space and it works perfectly. As he says, external antennas are against the bylaws so the inside antenna has proved a perfect solution..

Izzy  16th May 2016
No TV Signal 9th May 2016   

Hi we have no tv signal all weekend when is it going to be fixed. Someone must have damaged the cable in Iluka


Rather frustrated resident! I have emailed Fuzenet three times and called on many occasions in the last week. I have had no TV service from Friday 7 May until Tuesday 10 May. When the service resumes I have no HD channels and the signal in my bedroom is so distorted I can't watch anything.

I have had no response from my emails and have been cut off twice whilst holding on for a customer service rep on the phone. Please advise?

Anne  12th May 2016
Cars excessively parked on property 7th May 2016   

The property across from me continually has 8 to 9 cars parked on their garden and garden verge, this parking eye sore also includes a rather long trailer. I have been unable to find any information on rules and regulations (legislation) associated with excessive vehicle parking on residential property.

Does parking of what I consider to be excessive vehicles on a residential property in Iluka be deemed in breach to the law. In short, how many cars can be legally parked on a residential property before it becomes in breach of the law.

Appreciate any info if law in this regard does exist


Hi Mark, that's something I also find quite annoying and I agree it really makes the place look awful! This is my view on this: My copy of Satterley's "Annexure A Standard Lots Development and building guidelines" for Iluka states that "All commercial vehicles including caravans, boats etc shall not be parked or stored on a property unless within a garage or screened from public view". That's just a guideline so its not worth the paper its written on. The "Restrictive Covenants - standard lots Annexure B" states that the Buyer agrees "NOT to park or allow to be parked on the land or on the road or on any other land near of next to the land, any commercial vehicles including but not limited to trucks, utilities, caravans, trailers, boats or any other mobile machinery ("commercial vehicles") unless such commercial vehicles are housed or contained wholly within a garage on the land or are screened from public view". The Covenants theoretically have more bite because the Buyer has agreed to them formally . But the Seller ie Satterley has nor obligation to enforce them (though they can if they want to). The Iluka Home Owners Association constitution says it has the power to enforce the covenants and even mentions that it may fine offenders that don't comply. I suggest that there are a couple of things you could do:

  1. call up the ranger and ask him to have a look at it. The ranger should be able to enforce Joondalup council regulations found here
  2. Come to one of the monthly IHOA meetings and raise your concern in person. You may be able to convince the IHOA to write a letter to the homeowner requesting that he comply with the covenants. (You could also try discussing directly with the homeowner or writing to him yourself).

The next IHOA meeting will be in early June. I missed the May one but went to the April one and there were a few people raising concerns about covenants. The more people that take an interest in enforcing the covenants the better!.

Steven  8th May 2016

Under the LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1995, CITY OF JOONDALUP, PARKING LOCAL LAW 2013, (Amended by Parking Amendment Local Law 2015) It states:
6.9 Stopping on a verge
(1) A driver shall not stop -
(a) a vehicle (other than a bicycle);
(b) a commercial vehicle with a tare weight in excess of 2.5 tonnes, or
bus, or trailer or caravan attached or unattached to a motor vehicle;
(c) a vehicle during any period when the stopping of vehicles on that verge is prohibited by a sign adjacent and referable to that verge, so that any portion of it is on a verge.
(2) Subclause (1)(a) does not apply to the driver if he or she is the owner or occupier of the premises adjacent to that verge or is a person authorised by the occupier of those premises to stop the vehicle so that any portion of it is on the verge.
(3) Subclause (1)(b) does not apply to a vehicle when it is being loaded or unloaded with reasonable expedition with goods or materials collected from or delivered to the premises adjacent to the portion of the verge on which the commercial vehicle is parked (but in any event not for any period exceeding 3 consecutive hours between the hours of 7am and 6pm WAST and not at any other time), provided no obstruction is caused to the passage of any other vehicle or person using a carriageway or path.
6.10 Obstructing access to a path or driveway
(1) A driver shall not stop a vehicle so that any portion of the vehicle is in front of a path or in a position that obstructs access by other vehicles or pedestrians to that path, unless -
(a) the driver is dropping off or picking up passengers; or
(b) the driver stops in a parking stall and the driver is permitted to stop in the parking stall under this local law.
(2) A driver shall not stop a vehicle on or across a driveway or other way of access for vehicles travelling to or from adjacent land, unless -
(a) the driver is dropping off, or picking up, passengers; or
(b) the driver stops in a parking stall and the driver is permitted to stop in the parking stall under this local law.
So there is no law on numbers just on obstruction as far as I can see.

Chris  9th May 2016

I think you should be more tolerant. We have the ranger called in the past for one or two cars that are parked with wheels on the extra large path. We would park in the street but an island with gum trees prevents this. Our path is so wide it allows mobility scooters, prams, electric wheelchairs to pass. We have to park our families cars on our lawn or park in the neighbouring street. Around the corner they have a small narrow path which does not extend to the edge, a small grass verge then the road. They are legally allowed to put two wheels on the grass verge. Because our path is wider and concreted to the edge we are penalized. We have lived here for nearly 20 years and never had a problem except in the last two years since a grumpy neighbour who reports everyone in the street and calls the ranger. We also had a quiet engagement high tea party. Our partygoers where just normal family members including nannas and babies and an off duty police woman minimal noise. At ! Most 30 people.. It ended at 8.00p Sunday in November. We had low level background music no dancing. This neighbour also call the city watch and said we were having a rave party. They were quite embarrassed when they came to check and apologetic. This is one of 3 quiet parties we have held in 20 years. We have always put up with loud parties from our neighbours that go into the early hours. We would never complain because they are not held often. My point is get to know your neighbours, be friendly and tolerant. Come on this would never happen in the past. Why is everyone becoming paranoid.

Andrea  9th May 2016

I agree Mark - we're probably not referring to the same property but we have a similar property near us and cars parked all over the front of the house make it look like bogunville. It seems to be escalating too, I'm not sure what the answer is - maybe more street parking bays although I fear these wouldn't be used appropriately.

I can't get my head around people being happy to live like this.

It also frustrates me when I see elderly people or those with small children having to walk in the road as someone has Parked across the pavement. Maybe just a little consideration from our residents is all that is required?

Kelly  9th May 2016

I have contacted the committee previously about caravans being parked on verges/lawns and I think they have sent out copies of the covenants with some success. Two of the caravans parked near me have been moved but a large caravan/4th wheeler with no windows remains with multiple cars/ hi lux type work vehicles.It is an eyesore. Maybe people moving into the area don't know the covenants but some people just don't care.

Kim  10th May 2016

Hi Kim, From your letter I think you are talking about my house. The trailer doesnt have windows as its for privacy reasons. I have sent a letter into the committee which was to be read at the last meeting. Our trailer is parked within our boundries and has been checked by the council ranger. We do have plans approved by the council to move our fences forward so the trailer will be in our backyard. We actually do care about the covenants. The reason we havent done anything about the fence line yet is my husband is on workers compensation and he is a builder, but is unable to do the work until his claim is settled.

The Hilux is my 17 year old daughters 1st car. There is a F350 which tows the trailer and that will also be in the back when the extensions are done. As for other cars they might be visitors. As I have said before to the committee if anyone would like to discuss this with us they are welcome to knock on the door and ask the question.

The problem in Iluka is that there isnt enough room for parking. It took us a long time to find our house that has the room to accommodate our Trailer which by the way is not used for business purposes. It was just unfortunate that my husband got injured not long after we moved in. We could just put up a colorbond fence which wouldnt fit with the rest of our house. Our fence needs to be brick render to fit in with the rest of the house

Jane  11th May 2016
Free Business Advertising. New group page 5th May 2016   

I have created a free business advertising group for the Northern coastal strip to Wanneroo district, for those who would like to advertise their products/services free of charge. Some community groups exclude advertising from direct selling, party plan, etc... so my group is all inclusive of those groups plus trades/services, hobbyists, work from home people, sole traders, and small businesses to advertise their products and post specials etc... The link for this group page is


Sounds great Bobbie! Thanks will check it out.
Zelda  8th May 2016
Fuzenet speed - very slow the last few days 29th April 2016   

About a couple of weeks ago, Fuzenet came to our house to swap out their modem for a new one that has an LBNCo sticker on it. The sticker also calls it a "Network Termination Device". Since then, our download speed has slowed right down to 0.80Mbps. Ping is 52ms.
At this "speed" even sending an email takes a while.
Fuzenet deny that there is a problem. But we had so many problems with them over the years that I don't believe anything they say. Has anybody else noticed a recent slowdown?


Should have gone with iinett absolutely awesome We change from e-wire ten years ago.
David  8th May 2016

Yes, my wife and I have been living through the same frustration for the last few months since we moved into our new home in Iluka. It took ages to connect, and once connected, it has never worked reliably for more than a few days at a time. However, two weeks ago, everything went completely south, after fuzenet network upgrade, now we can't access any Australian websites or Australian-based online services. I can however, get YouTube, which does me little good, as I don't watch much YouTube.

The worst bit is that it's really hurting my business. I build, maintain and fix websites for a living, and to have no reliable internet is to have no business. To survive, I've been buying very expensive mobile internet from Telstra, which is costing me a fortune.

My wife is on the phone with Fuzenet support at least twice a day, and they either say they're looking into it or that there is no problem. But we both know they're full of it when they say this. We are desperately trying to get another provider, but are always told no alternatives exist until at least mid-June when another provider is said to become available to our property. And not a moment too soon I say.

Once alternative providers do become available, then Fuzenet is going to witness a massive exodus of their customer base I suspect!

Vincent  10th May 2016
Fuzenet speeds 26th April 2016   

Hi all, Just bought a house in Iluka and have found out I need to connect TV through Fuzenet. Looks like they charge $499 which is highway robbery, but it is cheaper if you go with their internet plans. Is this worth doing? I've already had iinet connected which is getting around 13mb/s. Is Fuzenet this speed or better?


Hi Jason,
I am with AusBBS. 100/40mbs is what I get.
Hope this helps.
Anabela  29th April 2016
Hi Jason,
Whilst I have never had my data connected via Fuzenet or previously Eziwire I have had dealings with them when our community connected free to air TV has gone down. I recommend you stay with IInet until the NBN comes on line as these guys dont have good service and furthermore they dont have a good understanding of data delivery and interested only in revenue - dont touch them!
Also - Its a huge slap in the face that our TV needs to be connected via this provider but I have also started to notice some aerials popping up around the place that have better covetage than the cable will ever provide including access to 7flix and 9life - yes these issues are due to cable provision!!
Nick  29th April 2016
Anabela, count yourself lucky that you can boast about the speed you are getting from where you are via AusBBS. The sad truth is 90% of the estate is stuck with Fuzeconnet. And that was the point I was harping about in my earlier comments.. What is Satterley doing about it. When will the rest of the suburb gets our DOCSIS3.1 upgrade? How long more is the wait.. All talk and no action since Aug 2015. What's the use of stating availability of the other ISP when only the newer Stages are accessible to Fibre??? And blatantly lie on our covenant stating our internet connection is a state of the art technology..??? Seriously?
Steven  2nd May 2016
Security 23rd April 2016   

Just wondering whether Iluka has security personnel patrolling the area in cars? There are a lot of hoons at the round about off burns beach road towards burns beach cafe and also plenty youngsters who stop at the park in Coney Way, in cars and make a racket very late at night every other day. Painful. So disappointing.

And its still going, with another group of guys now, seems the swing is the problem. They push each other in it until they are screeming or with no one in it until ot hits the side pole and people run past it. Okay, what do we do please?


Anabela, Iluka use to have patrolling security, they did a great job and their visibility was always well received, this service has recently been terminated and viewed as being disappointing indeed, this was one of the factors that solidified our decision to move to Iluka.
Unfortunately, not much can be done unless the crowed mentioned brakes the law. There has been from observation an increase in anti sociable activities hence, a crying shame that the decision was made to cancel the patrolling security services.
Mark  24th April 2016
Two nights ago was just aweful at our new place with thee youngsters in the park, we eventually got back to sleep around 3am. My kids are felling anxious about being woken up to all the noise in the park at 12am and again at 1:30, while we need to get up at 4:30 for work. I eventually found out what to do, called the rangers out but cancelled them about a minute before they arrived as the boys had left. Rangers responded quickly. I got the rego and pased it on. So, I am assuming that is the process, Rangers and then they will contact Police if necessary to resolve matters that are not life threatening or criminal? Horrified to hear about the hose!! Kids using that to smoke something. I am very worried Iluka is not what I thought it was... Very concerned
Anabela  25th April 2016
That is annoying. Suggest you set up a security camera to collect some evidence and call the ranger and/or police when they are next creating a disturbance. Come along to the next meeting and talk to the committee... If the swing continues to be a problem maybe it ought to be removed.
Steve  25th April 2016
All anti social behaviour should be reported to the City of Joondalup Rangers 1300 655 860. Hooning can be reported to the police 131444. If more people report incidents then increased patrols will take place in the effected areas usually working as a deterrent. So report everything and get this anti social behaviour out of Iluka.
Sheila  25th April 2016
I was just wondering who cancelled the security patrols? Is it the City of Joondalup?
Bev  25th April 2016

Hi Anebela
I am sorry to hear about the concerns you have with our local park and that it upset your children. For all Hooning incidents I call the Hooning line or go onto the Hooning website and report it, even if I don't have a registration number. If the Hooning is occurring near you call the Hooning line ASAP to report and the more we report the better for our area. I live close to the park and use it daily and if you do hear any noise at night I would be calling the police or joondalup patrol. I think a good suggestion should be to get some security camera or brighter lights around the park.

Hi Steve in regards to your comment about "maybe the swings be removed" I am not happy with this nor do i think all the parents and kids who enjoy the park ever day. Plus I was 1 of the Iluka residents who fought for this park with swings close to us so children could play and since this park has been in place it has created a real community feel and parents and kids come streets away to use it. I have been reading the previous post and notice a few from a Steve who is looking at building on their land in this area. If this is you great however please don't start suggesting play swings to be removed as that would be unfair and so sad for all that use it.

Bronwyn  25th April 2016
Isn't it easier for CCTV to be set up at the park, to deter nuisance activities at after hour? Make it known on signals that the place is being monitored.. I disagree to removal of swing and play equipments that were put in place for enjoyment of the local residents.
Steven  25th April 2016

I am sorry to hear that your children were felling anxious and you experienced this. I live very close to this park and i agree with Shelia that you need to be calling the Joondalup Ranger or if needed the police. In regards to the Hooning, I call the Hooning line or go onto the website and complete the on line document even if i don't have rego number but have some information. This is the only way we are going to get more patrols in our area if we continue to report it.

Hi Steve I must say i was a deeply upset by your comment that "swings continue to be a problem maybe it ought to be removed". Myself and and a other Iluka resident fought for this park to have swings shade and some form or play area for all the present children living here and the future ones moving in. This park has made this area a community feel with children, parents and dogs visiting it regularly. Removing the swings isn't a solution it will only upset all the children and families that get enjoyment out of this lovely park. A solution would be to get brighter lights around the park, maybe secure cameras or every time a incident occurs to report it, not to remove the swings. I have contacted Tony Mendez, Senior Development Manager of the Satterley Property Group and asked for doggy poo bags to be placed at the park and he has informed me this is being followed up and to be actioned. I will monitor to this.

Bron  28th April 2016

As a former committee member I recall that a constant source of frustration for us was that everytime we met with police representatives regarding incidents such as this we were told that "Iluka has no isses" and were provided with call statistics to prove it.

So the message is to report it and keep reporting it and get your neighbours to report it also, unfortunately modern policing has turned into a numbers game which means that law abiding residents have to play along. I think you can request an incident number when making a report so perhaps these can be recorded and forwarded to the committee as ammunition for the next police meeting (apologies for causing more work to the current committee!)

As for removing the swings, why should the responsible park users be disadvantaged?. Doing so is just giving in to the scum.

Simon  28th April 2016
Lost necklace 11th April 2016   

My friend has lost her Silver Star necklace containing her Son's ashes. It has Charlie engraved on the back.
It was lost somewhere on the iluka bowls club oval. Please can every one keep an eye out so we can return this to her.
Pls contact Anna 0402464187.


Necklace found. Thank you to Lisa. Nice to know we live in a honest community.
Anna  12th April 2016
Garden hose 10th April 2016   

We had our garden hose cut Fri/ Sat night. A bit of a concern as we have been told young people use this for smoking certain drugs. Our park is lovely but an ideal spot for them to congregate.


There is a particular stop in the park hidden in the bush in which drugs are taken. It is a crying shame that Iluka no longer has security patrol. Apart from informing the police of location, not sure what else can be done to prevent the use of the park for drug use.
Mark  16th April 2016
Which park is this please?
Anabela  25th April 2016
Has anybody else found the area that is being used for "all sorts" in the North West corner of the bush area, between the main Lake and Naturaliste Blvd? I just happened to see a well worn path leading into the bush area off the concrete path. It's a mess.
Karl  17th May 2016
Anabela, sorry for the late response, the park in question is the one (main) Iluka park that has the water and ducks.
Mark  18th May 2016
Car stolen Quincy Loop 5th April 2016   

Just letting everyone know that a car was stolen in the early hours of Monday morning in Quincy Loop. Be aware!


New Website 29th March 2016   

Love the new look and feel of the site... looks great. Well done guys.


User friendly and much improved Iluka web site, well done all.
Mark  5th April 2016
Great new web site and so easy to follow. Good job.
Marilyn  6th April 2016
Agreed, very good update.
Teresha  6th April 2016
Golf clubs found 28th March 2016   

I have a set of golf clubs in a golf bag that were left in Santa Monica Parade sometime on Saturday evening, I guess they have been removed from someones garage or shed. If you are missing these clubs please e-mail or give me a call 0488992766.


Easter Egg Hunt 27th March 2016   

Thank you to all who organized the Easter Egg nearly 3 year old had a blast.


A very Big thank you to all the people who gave up their Easter Morning to help make this event a lovely day for everyone. My Grandchildren live just over the border in Ocean Reef but it is so kind of the committee to open this function for everyone.
Susan  28th March 2016
Iluka Open Space 24th March 2016   

Looks like the cricket clubs forgot what tidiness is, there's been a green tarp left in the middle of the oval for over a week now & a huge dump of soil under a tarp surrounded by a star picket/orange netting fence, it looks like a construction site not a public open space, its not the WACA or MCG its for everybodys enjoyment.
Can the committee get anything done about this as i was told last year that this new delivery of soil would be small & tucked in behind the trees & I told the JCC rep at the time how is a tipper truck going to get in there.
With the small amount used for top dressing the cricket pitches that pile will be an eyesore for a very long time.


Pest control 24th March 2016   

Does anyone else seem to be having any problems with ants/spiders in and around there homes. I have never seen it so bad as it has been lately. I've got ants nests all over the yard. Can anyone recommend a pest controller that did a good job?


We have had lots of ants in years gone by, until I started using Termite Spray from Bunnings. I mix 25ml per litre of water in a pressure spray tank and only have to spray once and the ants disappear. You would be lucky to see a dozen ants on my property. Close by neighbors have heaps of ants. I probably spray every 3 to 4 months. Never get ants inside the house either.
Rod  5th April 2016
Fire in park 23rd March 2016   

I was very angry to hear we had a fire in the park, which from all accounts appears to have been deliberately lit. Perhaps ALL parents could let their children know the gravity of a situation like this. The poor fire fighters are busy enough without adding to their work load.


Committee meetings 21st March 2016   

Planning to attend the next committee meeting - I've got a block in Iluka but have not started building yet. Does anyone here go to these meetings?
The minutes posted on the web page seem to be incomplete - the "attendance sheet" is not attached, the committee members are not named anywhere, the account balances are supposed to be "attached" but are not etc.
I'd like to get a better understanding of the extremely confusing TV and Internet stuff that seems to dominate the this forum, what the committee does as far as the covenants go etc. Thought attending the meeting might be easier than asking lots of questions here.


Great questions Steve....keen to hear the official reply
Bill  22nd March 2016
Thanks for your enquiry Steve, we look forward to catching up with you at the next meeting and I am sure will be able to answer all your questions.
Sheila (IHOA)  27th March 2016

I attended my first meeting this week. I know you've all been dying to hear what happened, so here's my report back :) Considering that there are supposed to be about 1500 members, it was not that well attended! There were about 12 people there, of which about half were committee members. There are 8 committee members - 6 make a quorum, which was achieved. Most of the visitors (ie non-committee members) were there to air a grievance of some sort about covenants so there were some interesting discussions.

To answer my own questions: minutes posted here on the noticeboard are abridged. Committee members don't want their names listed for fear of receiving abuse - rather sad that the committee feels threatened. Personally I'd like to know who my committee is.

Finances were discussed in brief but figures are not published in minutes - not sure why, but I did not press the issue.

I didn't ask about internet stuff as no time for that (meeting ran from 7pm-9pm).

My main concern (and that of some of the other visitors) is the apparent disregard of the covenants and the apparent lack of enforcement of the covenants. We all pay a joining fee, an extra fee on our rates and we all have a Caveat on our properties in order to uphold the quality of our estate. So if you have concerns about that don't just complain about them on this forum - turn up at the meetings and help the committee to make something happen! However, I think you should read the covenants and only bring things to the attention of the committee if you feel there is a direct breach of a covenant - the committee is not in a position to respond to things outside its jurisdiction.

Steve  7th April 2016

Steve, as a former committee member it's good to see someone taking an active interest in the association. I can't speak for the current committee but may be able to address some of your points based on past experience.

The reason for not publishing committee members names dates back many years (before my time in fact) to when there were a number of serving police officers on the committee who quite reasonably requested anonymity and sadly, yes, early on in the committee's history certain residents chose to respond to committee decisions through threats of violence against individual committee members. During my time as chairman I often received phone calls at inconvenient times and was at one point confronted on my doorstep by an individual insisting on addressing a covenants issue there and then, nothing threatening but wholly inappropriate in my view as formal avenues exist to address such issues.

With regard to finances, it was decided early on that it was not appropriate to publish the associations finances on a publicly accessible website, given that the association was not a public entity. This decision was also made at a time when the committee dealt with significantly larger sums of money as SAR funds were paid directly to the association who in turn paid the contractors directly so there was also the issue of commercial confidentiality to consider.

These were merely conventions adopted by the committee of the day, none of this is captured in the constitution so can be easily changed should the current or future committees choose to.

Don't forget, as stated on this website, any association member is entitled to request and receive the full, unedited meeting minutes once they are ratified, these include details of attendees and finances. The finances are also reported in detail at the annual general meeting.

As stated above, I don't speak for the current committee, only from my own experience so am happy to be corrected by a current committee member if any of the above is incorrect.

Simon  11th April 2016
Bird lovers 15th March 2016

No replies of help so far in my search for info on wild birds.
Joondalup have given preliminary approval for your committee to go ahead with placing bird boxes in our parks and I need some assistance with the project
Come on Iluka call me on 0401972618
See you at Easter in the park
I will be the old guy giving away the Easter eggs at the table with my wife.

Tom Daly
Chairman of maintenance sub committee
Iluka home owners association

Hi Tom, I don't live in Iluka but what a wonderful website you have for residents. I raise money for Alzheimer's research too. But the reason for contacting you is I have you spoken to the people at the Native Animal rescue regarding the birds. My friends are volunteers there and I am sure they would give good advice.
Will try and speak to you at the Easter Egg hunt. Best wishes.
Susan  22nd March 2016
Community tv connection 15th March 2016

I have just spoken to fusenet to connect my community tv at our new house at Serena way the connected they quoted is $499 that a tad excessive what happened to the $250 connection fee we were charged at our previous house in Iluka. Is this correct?.


New work at lakeside 9th March 2016

Have a look at the bottom of the rocky waterfall next time you wander through McCusker park.
New garden bed with Trees, hopefully to shade the bottom of the waterfall in years to come.
Ps: I am seeking advice from any locals knowledgable regarding bird life as I am trying to get permission to increase the amount of wild birds by installing bird boxes throughout our parks In Iluka to give the wild birds some chance of raising young without losing them to the Ravens!!!
Please reply on this forum if you can enlighten me.

Tom Daly
Chairman of maintenance sub committee
Iluka home owners association

Cars broken into in Garage Manhattan Ave 9th March 2016

Hi we had inadvertently left our garage door up Monday Night/early Morning Tuesday 8th March. Someone had got into our unlocked cars and rifled through the cars. The only thing we cannot find is a green remote disc for garage door. We are currently changing code. They didn't take the money or missed it in the dark. If anyone finds the car remote would love to have it returned. We will try to make sure cars are locked and door is down in future.


Andrea, very sorry to hear of the garage intrusion and theft from a car, hope the individual/s are caught at some stage.
We have not been broken into as of yet but do find that the installation of external home security cameras to provide a piece of mind investment. We are also able to view and monitor the home through a phone or other compatible devices when on international assignment or any other location in isolation from the home.
Could external home security cameras have helped police to identifying your thief, who knows but the greater the security measures, the greater the deterrent and chance of capture or retrieval of stolen property becomes.
Mark  9th March 2016
Internet Provider and speeds 4th March 2016

Can someone give advice on the best internet provider for Iluka e.g. Broadband and speed
I am near Pattaya Park - Calis Av.


iinet is awesome we get 12- 13 Mbs as download speed Have been with iinet for 6/7 years.
David  5th March 2016
Hi. We recently got rid of e-wire / fuse net and transferred to iinet. The change was awesome. Regular 10mbps download speeds and great phone service and tech support.
LBN is coming but is still awhile away. Be patient. Use adsl2+ now if you can get it. Stay away from fusenet and wait for fibre. Once LBN arrives we will finally have competition and multiple providers to choose from.
I will be moving to fibre as soon as it becomes available in Iluka
John  6th March 2016
I have just ordered a new connection to our newly constructed house with LBNCo. The retailer we have selected is AusBBS and the service so far has been excellent from initial call to now, which is still early stages I know, but great none-the less, because just trying to get hold of Fusenet was impossible. It seems LBNCo may have added a few more retailers listed for us now, thankfully. I have ordered 100/40mbps,hopefully that is fast enough, but it is the top package, so nothing to upgrade to. Its also fibre optic, for those who want to learn something:)
Anabela  9th March 2016
I've been on iinet in Iluka for nearly 6 years. Generally very happy with the service with the only problem being the occasional issue with the ageing Iluka infrastructure that's obviously outside of iinet's direct control. Consistently getting 12 to 13 Mbps - with the added bonus of VOIP, so no landline rental change.
Dave  9th March 2016
We are in one of the older areas of Iluka and have been with iinet for over 10 years and am changing ASAP. To accommodate all the new connections my speeds have dropped from their initial 18Mb/s to an average of 3-8Mb/s, so ADSL 1 levels, Their service is excellent however after over 15 months of being told that they register the connection speed at 12- 14Mb/s and when the technician gets out to the house them agreeing with me that we are only getting 3-8Mb/s and no fix in site I am moving to LBN's fibre in a heartbeat.
Chris  11th March 2016
Seems to be some upgrades going on at the moment. I have received something in the mail from Lbnco stating they upgrading the infrastructure to 100/40 Mbps.
A friend in a Iluka has received something from the Nbn about upgrades.
Interested if any one else has more info on this..
Will  15th March 2016
I too received a notice about NBN upgrades, commencing Tuesday 8th March. Checked website , nothing there about ILUKA and contacted NBNCo to see what exactly is happening (as I've seen no obvious work being undertaken) and was told to try another web browser and nothing showed up. Hello!? ILUKA seems to be well off the radar on joining the 21st century? I thought there was supposed to be an update from somebody who previously posted?
Karl  7th April 2016
This is my understanding.
LBNCo only provide the HFC cable in the ground. They are not the Government NBN Co. New parts of iluka/Burns beach get fibre connections installed. Older parts are stuck on HFC/Copper with no planned upgrade to FTTN etc because the area already has HFC.
LBNco just upgraded the HFC cable (that your TV signal is coming thru) to handle internet connections. DOCSIS 3.0 only i think.
Fuzenet are one of the only providers that you can connect to the LBNco HFC connection. iiNet/Optus/Telstra will not touch this. You can still use them for exisiting ADSL connections thou.
Fuzenet (e-wire) don't have seem to have a good reputation. Happy to be proved otherwise.
My current iiNet connection is reliable but definitely slows right down in the evenings. Would like to know how people go with Fuzenet/HFC and what contention ratio's they have.
Terry  11th April 2016
I feel we need further clarification from Satterley regarding the status of Network upgrade in Iluka. Based on LBNCo 's article on Network Update (Aug 2015), only one section of the estate is currently provided with "Fibre"... At the same time, not all ISP listed are capable of providing a service due to limitation of DOCSIS 2.0
There is also another report by NBN Rollout stating commencement of work in Iluka between Jan-Jun 2017, but only to a limited number of premises?
So again, this is good news to some of us, but not all... Sigh!
Can the IHOA Commitee seek some directions on these matters?
Steven  11th April 2016
The companies listed by LBNCO do provide service to Iluka. I signed up with AusBBS.
Anabela  12th April 2016
Just wondering if there is any update for hfc internet in Iluka is it updated to docsis 3.1. Lbnco was saying that it was opening this up to more providers , has this happened yet. Note I am not talking about the fibre part of the estate.
Will  19th April 2016
Lake maintenance 23rd February 2016

Your Iluka home owners committee has managed, in consultancy with Joondalup council, to have a team of people working to remove algae from the lake, particularly at the bottom of the waterfall.
This has only scratched the surface of the problem,and we are talking with council about oxygenisation equipment being installed in the bottom lake,the committee is also seeking advice on the suitability and cost of more fountains to help improve the look and water quality of the lake System.
Some additional trees may also be planted to give more shade in crucial shallow parts of the lake to keep water temperatures down on extreme heat days, which will help keep the algae under control.

Tom Daly
Chairman of maintenance sub committee
Iluka home owners association

That is great news.......a big thank you to the committee for all your efforts in improving the quality of our lake.
Hanneke & Robert  24th February 2016
Good luck Tom. This is a great start and certainly a move in the right direction. Good to have COJ on side as well.
Tamara  24th February 2016
Really appreciate the efforts of the Committee Tom & thanks for keeping us informed.
Ann  25th February 2016
One solution would be to add some sort of filtration... Bakki showers are a maintenance free solution used often in golf course's etc...
I use "GET WET PONDS" for my tanks in the office... He specialists in filtration to commercial sized lakes and fish ponds...
We really need a low to no maintenance solution or have someone come out monthly (what I do)... then you dont have to think about it at all... .
Craig  25th February 2016
Bulk Rubbish 20th February 2016

please be careful what you leave out the front at this time, poor kids playing out the front thinking it's ok to leave their bikes and scooters on the lawn and they almost got swiped! Man walking around looking and if it wasn't for my furry friend barking, So glad to have my pooch what a good fella.


Dog Poo 20th February 2016

Every where I go in the suburb of Iluka I see dog poo! It is on the footpaths, walking tracks, the parks and every day I will find a poo or two on our front lawn. Please can ALL dog owners do the right thing and pick it up for the safety of our children and the beautification of our suburb


I agree, it's disgusting and a health hazard, you only need one or two selfish people not picking it up! Come on people don't be lazy. From a responsible dog owner.
Katie  20th February 2016
It seems that the so-called "responsible" dog owners are becoming an ever decreasing minority. But what's much worse is those that pick it up and bag it only to throw the bag into the bush along the coastal walk, it seems that carrying a small bag to the bin is too much effort.
Then of course there's the artistic types who decorate the fence along the path by neatly tying the bag of poo to it! Seriously, what is wrong with these people? One wonders what goes through their minds.
Simon  21st February 2016
We call the local park Sir James McPoo park. I have a child not a dog and I am so frustrated and disgusted that in not only walking down to the park but in the park itself you have to dodge dog poo. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!
Alex  25th August 2016
Alex, I quite agree...and I own dogs.
The "best" is when it's left right next to a bin!
Just plain lazy!
PS: Try playing sport up at Iluka Open Space too, as people let their dogs just go anywhere, anytime.
Karl  27th August 2016
I have lived near the park for sixteen years and the dog poo situation is getting worse unfortunately having been a victim and stepping in it by accident twice I find it quite annoying that there are bags provided and they are not always used most do but only a few don't. I think a few more bins down the other end in the middle at the Miami beach prom area could be handy too.
Joanne  30th August 2016
Internet provider 12th February 2016

Sorry that this is a question I am sure asked by many, but with the ever changing market I thought I would get some guidance with regards to a new service. I will be moving into Coney Way soon and was given a list of retailers by LBNCo which I can contact. I have not heard great things about Fuzenet but there are another 5 on the list, which are: AUSBBS / EXETEL / ACTIVE UTILITIES / CLEAR NETWORKS and VARSITY INTERNET.
Does anyone have any recommendations on any of them as we are currently with Telstra, which is not available. I have asked i-inet as I have read some residents have this also, but its not available either.
Thanks in advance for the advice.


Hi. You will find the company's listed on lbnco web site don't provide a service in Iluka. The only one that does is Fusenet
Kish  15th March 2016
We have been using iiNet for 10 years, awesome. Go with naked adsl you don't pay for your line connection.
Dave  15th March 2016
Smelly Lake at Sir James McCusker Park 6th January 2016

What is happening with the lake at the park. The smell is overpowering and disgusting. I have sent an email to the Joondalup Council, but it needs URGENT attention and chemicals & cleaning. With more hot weather its going to get worse. Just glad I can't smell it from my house YET.......


Pigeon problem 3rd January 2016

Hi just wondering if anyone else has a problem with pigeons?
They seem to love our balcony for some reason ,we have a fake owl but it's not working
Anyone with pigeon problem or any ideas to get rid of them we would be interested.


Dead Ducks 3rd January 2016

I have now reported 8 DEAD DUCKS in Sir James McCusker Park to Joondalup City Council.
The smell is absolutely disguising.
To date nothing has been done by the Council to remove these DEAD DUCKS.


Sir James McCusker Park 1st January 2016

Walking by dogs this morning and found another 2 Dead Duck floating the the lower pond near car park and the smell.
I have again reported it to the Joondalup Ciy Council
The other 3 Dead Duck the I reported are still floating in the same pond and they really stink.


Where are the rest of the notices?

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