This website is the only official website of the Iluka Homeowners' Association. Any other websites or social media groups claiming to be associated with the suburb of ILUKA in Perth, may be run by politically or financially motivated self-interest groups and do not represent the ILUKA community as a whole.

Latest Updates

 2020 AGM Minutes (3rd February 2021)

 Updated IHOA Constitution (5th March 2020)

 2020/21 Specified Area Rate (SAR) Service Review (1st April 2019)

 Landscape Upgrade Sir James McCusker Park (20th August 2019)

Proposed Commercial Development

All updates related to the commercial site are now posted on the community noticeboard.

There may be some confusion amongst residents with, who is developing what and where in the commercial development site in Iluka. So, to add value, the IHOA have created a map with hyperlinks to developer's websites) showing the proposed developments on the site.

For issues related to the free to air TV service, please call 1300 797 027 or visit www.lbnco.com.au/residents/ (scroll down to TV Support to log a support ticket).


The next regular Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th May 2021 starting at 7pm at the Joondalup Sports Association meeting room, 6 Miami Beach Promenade, Iluka. Numbers are restricted so only a few residents will be permitted to attend. If there are any issues you wish to raise, please email us and we will discuss it and get back to you.

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